[8D7N] Day 1 - Tips on Visiting Hong Kong & Macau

By : Chha

Well, i heard tons of bad things about Hong Kong even before my visit over to that country especially about the attitude of the locals people there. I did had some bad experience during my visit there but it is still manageable, haha ! Everything there is fast pace, their food serving, their walking, their talking, basically everything and they expect you as tourist to be as fast as them too, if not, they will go furious about it, hahaha ! Other than that, Hong Kong is a nice place to visit. Before going over, here is a few tips and information that i would like to share with you.

Hong Kong Tips # 1 : Octopus Card

Traveling around Hong Kong is easier if you own an Octopus Card. The Octopus is a rechargeable and contactless 'smart card' used on most forms of public transport in Hong Kong for example Bus, Minibus, Ferry, Peak Tram, Tram or the MTR Trains as well as settling payments at all major convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, fast food restaurants, Starbucks, supermarkets, bakeries, self-service vending machines, personal care stores, major photo service outlets and many more. During my visit, the Octopus Card cost HKD 150.00 per card where HKD 50.00 is as deposit and HKD 100.00 is loaded into the Octopus Card. The HKD 50.00 is refundable together with the balance amount of money inside the card upon return and deactivation of the card but a HKD 9.00 will be charge if the card is returned in less than 90 days from date of activation. The Octopus Card will keep active for 3 years. You can get an Octopus Card at the Airport. There is a MTR Customer Service counter on the left just right after the exit of luggage claim area, you can get your Octopus Card there.

Hong Kong Tips # 2 : Avenue of Stars

Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui is temporary closed for repair and improvement works, which are expected to be completed around the end of 2018. A selection of the Avenue of Stars exhibits is displayed at Garden of Stars and Starry Gallery, there is where all the famous actor and actress hand prints are placed.

Hong Kong Tips # 3 : Making Sure Your Exit at MTR Stations.

MTR stations at Hong Kong is huge with many different Exits. Always make sure your exit before walking out because the exits is far from each other. If you take the wrong exit then you will need to walk all the way back to the other exit which is really far for my opinion.

Hong Kong Tips # 4 : Dining In Hong Kong.

Everything in Hong Kong is very fast pace. So even dining in Hong Kong is also very fast pace. Their waiter and waitress are capable of serving all your order in just lest than 5 minutes, therefore your food will always be hot when served. Hong Kong people are expecting the same too. They are expecting other people to be as fast pace as them, so if you are a little bit too slow, you will get scolding or get yelled at. It is very common in Hong Kong. So when you are dining in Hong Kong, make up your mind fast and order fast to avoid all the yelling and scolding.

Hong Kong Tips # 5 : Get A Phone SIM Card.

The moment you step into the street of Hong Kong you will see there are a lot of people around. In fact, the streets are crazy packed with people. I would advice you to get a Phone SIM Card just in case you are separated from your friends, then you can keep in touch. I did not get any SIM card during my travel but i heard that SIM card there is not expensive and it is really advisable to get one.

Macau Tips # 1 : Free Shuttle Bus

Big hotels around Macau provide Free Shuttle Bus from the Macau Ferry Terminal to their hotels. Some even provide Free Shuttle Bus from famous attractions in Macau to their hotels. Customers of the hotels can just hop on and ride all the way for free to the hotel. You can easily spot the Free Shuttle Bus at the exit of Taipa Ferry Terminal.

Macau Tips # 2 : Usage of Octopus Card

Macau has its own different travel card, therefore, Octopus Card can not be use at Macau except a few hotels and some restaurant.

Macau Tips # 3 : Hong Kong Currency

Hong Kong currency can be use at Macau but Macau currency can not be use at Hong Kong. Hong Kong people will not accept Macau currency at Hong Kong, so do make sure you finish up your Macau currency before returning to Hong Kong.

Macau Tips # 4 : Keep Small Change

Bus at Macau does not return changes for their bus fare. Always keep small change if you plan to take Macau Public Bus because there is no MTR at Macau. Small and exact amount is needed if you are taking bus.

Macau Tips # 5 : Bring Passport And Disembarkation Form

Some people are not aware that traveling to Macau from Hong Kong need to go through immigration hence having the passport being checked, stamp or scan. So bring along your passport if you are going over to Macau even if it means by taking the speed boat at Ferry Terminal.

So after knowing these few tips about Hong Kong and Macau, you are set and ready to go, hahaha ! Arriving at Hong Kong airport we basically go through the process of filling up the Embarkation Form, lining up for immigration then to the luggage claim area to hunt for our luggage, haha ! But before i line up for immigration check i saw this water station which i feel is really good for me to fill up my water bottle with clean water. I know that other airport has their own water station too but Hong Kong takes the effort to make a more proper water station for their visitors, which is awesome .. ! You can choose to either have, hot water, warm water or cold water.

Our first day in Hong Kong was a free and easy walk around the streets at Mongkok as our Guest House is in that area (Kowloon Mongkok 1812 Guest House). The street at Mongkok is full of people.

It was around 1.00 pm when we reach Mongkok and the first thing we did was to go look for food. I heard that the Pineapple Bun With Butter (菠蘿油) is tasty so i went straight to Kam Wah Cafe (金華冰廳) which is located at Prince Edward area. I walk there as it is only a few minutes walk away from Mongkok. You can take the MTR also but i would prefer to walk there as i can also see those shops along the route to Kam Wah Cafe.

After lunch, it is time to go walk around Mongkok and Price Edward area. There are a few streets here which is famous for shopping. Example like Tung Choi Street which is also one of the most well known street markets in Hong Kong. Its southern section, popularly known as Ladies Market or Ladies Street.

After a tiring walk around and trying to avoid knocking into those massive incoming of people around Hong Kong, we then decided to have our dinner at Langham Place Shopping Mall in Mongkok area. There they have McDonalds that serve customize burgers which they name is as 'Create Your Taste' system and you can make your order from the ordering kiosk placed outside of McDonalds. Not every outlet of McDonalds have this system, so if you want to try customizing your own burger, you will need to search for McDonalds that have the 'Create Your Taste' system.

Egg Sausage McMuffin HKD 10.00

Once you made your order from the kiosk, you will be given a receipt with your order number on it. Wait for your number to be called by the waiter or waitress, then go to the counter to collect your food.

Visited : October 2016

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Posted Date : 11 November 2016
Posted Time : 11.18 am