Box Of Joy | Lazada Online Revolution Mega Sales @ 11 Nov (11.11) And 12 Dec (12.12),

By : Chha

It was on 11 November 2016 previously that the world went crazy with online shopping sales and Lazada Malaysia was no exception. You can find a lot of items on sales at Lazada. Well, the Lazada sales does not only stop there, there is another one on 12 December 2016. So GO ! Its time for Lazada, haha !

It is through the Online Revolution, there will be a mega sale starting exactly on December 12 at 12 midnight. During this time, online shoppers may take advantage of the many hot deals and hourly flash sales when they visit the Lazada website or use the Lazada Mobile App.

Well as for me, i receive my little box with plenty of joy, haha ! Or should i say the 'Box Of Joy'. Un-Boxing it was really awesome, with all the quality items from Lazada, it gets me really excited, as if Christmas come early, hahaha !

Guess what is the first thing i pick up the moment i open the 'Box Of Joy' ? It is the cute little panda by Food Panda, hahaha ! It is just so cute, haha .. !

The next item is this Nescafe Pandan Flavor White Coffee. Pandan Flavor, now this is new to me, so i decided to give it a try while trying to figure out what type of coffee bean they are using, is it Robusta or Arabica ?

Anyway, regardless what type of coffee bean they use, i can always be sure that Nescafe are made from premium quality coffee bean. Now with the Pandan Flavor added, it does add some special taste and features to the coffee. You can easily get it now from Lazada by clicking at this link HERE

Nestle Cerelac are baby cereal that are easy to make. The one that i have here are mixed with Banana and Strawberry making this Nestle Cerelac more tasty for babies. You just need to add water to provide a delicious meal for your baby. The packing is small and easy to carry around. Parents ! Get a Nestle Cerelac for your baby by clicking HERE.

A lot of people are going oat lately, probably due to its good benefit for health. Maggie is also now going oat with their new OatMee. This new OatMee, Mee Goreng Perisa Kari is best served with Nestle Just Milk, the Full Cream Milk which is now available at Lazada. Interested ? Then try it by buying from Lazada by clicking HERE.

Other than food, electronics devices are also available at Lazada. Things like Flash Drive for Android Smartphone can be easily purchased by clicking HERE

For those who are looking for hair care or skincare product, you can find it by clicking HERE at Lazada too, with brands like L'Oreal and other good quality brands available.

Many more products are available at Lazada and will be on big sales again on 12 December 2016, so mark your calendar and enjoy shopping. For new customer, enjoy 20% off or maximum discount of RM25.00 on your first purchase from Lazada by entering this code '25LAPOR20'

Posted Date : 22 November 2016
Posted Time : 12.29 pm