Sea View Congee Shop @ Mongkok, Hong Kong

By : Chha

For some of you who are as confuse as i am, haha, congee actually means porridge. Some of the congee here are tasty, thats what i heard, so i went on and tried the one at Sea View Congee Shop which is located at Mongkok, Hong Kong.

Their service here is really fast, food serving is fast too, typical Hong Kong food serving speed but what is good about this place is, their waitress is a little bit more patience with us and is willing to explain what each items in their menu means. Thumbs up for them.

Tea (Hot : HKD 17.00, Cold : HKD 19.00)

It is like a norm for Hong Kong people to be served with a cup of hot tea, the moment you sat down in a restaurant. Even if you are not served with a cup of hot tea, you can easily get it as they will place cups and tea at a common area where their customer can have their hot tea.

Sea View Congee Shop is small but if well renovated, look clean and classy with air conditioning. Menu are available in English language too.

Century Egg And Boatman's Congee HKD 27.00
(Century Egg, Minced Beef, Stripped Pig Skin)

Barbecue Pork Ricesheet Roll HKD 20.00

Ham And Egg Sandwiches HKD 20.00

Food here is tasty, i like the congee very much and the ricesheet roll is special, very different from what we have here in Malaysia. Sea View Congee Shop at Mongkok, Hong Kong is worth a try.

Getting There :
  • Sea View Congee Shop is just a few minutes walk away from Mongkok MTR Station.
  • Exit at Mongkok Station D2 then turn left.
  • Walk straight until the second junction.
  • Turn left at the second junction.
  • Walk for about 50 meters, Sea View Congee Shop is on your right.
  • Cross the road.
Rating :
Food : 8/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 5/10

Operating Hour :
Mon - Sun
5.30 am - 1.30 am

Address :
116 Tung Choi Street,
Mong Kok,
Hong Kong.

GPS Coordinate :
22.320172, 114.170571

Map :

Posted Date : 30 November 2016
Posted Time : 12.28 am