Chinese New Year 2017 Night Market @ | 北海斗母宫 | Tow Boo Kong Temple, Raja Uda

By : Chha

北海斗母宫 or also known as Tow Boo Kong Temple which is located at Raja Uda, Penang is one of those few famous temple in Butterworth, Penang, but we are not going to talk about the temple today, maybe can save it for another day.

Tow Boo Kong Temple is having a night market where there are a lot of things being sold specially for this coming Chinese New Year 2017. Whether or not this night market is organized by Tow Boo Kong Temple ? I am not sure, but the night market is being held inside the compound of Tow Boo Kong Temple.

Chinese New Year 2017 is coming really soon and this night market is here at the best time of the year where a lot of people are actually here to do some last minute shopping or even just here to find some street food to eat for dinner.

There are really a lot of things sold here ranging from clothing, toys, items for Chinese New Year, house decoration items and many more. The items sold here are not very expensive and some of them are in really good quality. It is definitely worth to buy some back home.

There is also a lot of food to eat here, street food mostly. There are a lot of those new street food that myself never seen before, haha ! It is kinda special for me .. !

Barbecue Pork RM 2.50

The Barbecue Pork here is tasty, it taste exactly the same as the one i tried at Bangkok. The stall that i tried is the one located ouside of Tow Boo Kong Temple sold by two lovely lady not the one inside the temple. 

 Liu Sha Bao (流沙包) RM2.20

I love the Liu Sha Bao too, it is simple and tasty, i bought this from an uncle by the road side next to the entrance to Tow Boo Kong Temple. The Bao is soft and the filling inside is hot and juicy, hehe .. ! But it does not really flow out like lava .. haha !

Cheese Tart RM 4.00

RM 4.00 for a Cheese Tart that taste exactly as tasty as the one you can find at those chain Cheese Tart store in shopping mall ? It is totally worth it !! The Cheese Tart is yummy !

Bird Egg RM3.00

This is special, i never tried bird eggs with sausage before, especially not in this form, hahaha ! It taste good though, but not really filling my tummy, haha, i need more food !!

The part i like most about this night market is, there is this corner where they sell everything Taiwan ! All the food, candies, noodles, can drinks and tea, all are from Taiwan.

They probably wont have this night market here anymore after Chinese New Year 2017, might need to wait next year for Chinese New Year 2018 for this night market to come back to life, haha ! So now go, there is still one more week to do those last minute shopping and to eat all those nice street food .. ! haha .. !

GPS Coordinate :
5.440208, 100.387538

Map :

Visited : January 2017

Posted Date : 23 January 2017
Posted Time : 4.01 pm