WanHoi Yamcha @ Genting Highland, Selangor

By : Chha

It has been really long since my last visit to Genting Highland. Recently i heard that there is this new restaurant selling cute food, hahaha ! i am curious and so i went !

Signature Phoenix Pastry With Lotus And Egg Yolk Filling (Genting Member : RM14.50, Non-Member : RM 15.90)

Birdy in a cage ! It looks sad .. but its food, so i dont care ! i am going to eat it anyway, hahaha !

I can say that every customer that went to dine in at WanHoi Yamcha has this little cage on their table, this birdy seems to famous .. it is tasty too .. first impression was nice, the birdy looks cute and special.

The outer layer is crunchy while the inner filling is tasty. Lotus and Egg Yolk match well together.

Signature BBQ Pork Steamed Bun (Genting Member : RM 12.50, Non-Member : RM 13.90)

Now from birdy, lets go piggy ! Opss, it sounds so familiar with my blog name, hahaha ! Nooo !! No piggy is harm in the making of this blog .. dont worry, but this little bun piggy looks injured ! with that scar on its face, hahaha !

Yes, the filling is pork, that is exactly how the outlook of the bun represent the filling, haha ! I like the taste of the BBQ Pork but i feel that the quantity of the filling is too little for me. If inside the bun is fully stuffed with BBQ Pork then that would be great !

Signature Salted Egg Yolk Steamed Bun (Genting Member : RM 13.50, Non-Member : RM 14.80)

When a bun goes 'Bleak :P !!' , hahaha ! this is exactly how it looks like, hahaha ! The Salted Egg Yolk Steamed Bun is famously know as the Lava Bun because of it hot filling oozing out like lava. That is what i expect from this Salted Egg Yolk Steamed Bun but disappointed, it only goes 'Bleak :P !!', hahaha !

Filling inside this Salted Egg Yolk Steamed Bun is tasty but the filling is too little for me .. i want more !! i want it to be fully stuffed !!

Braised Chicken Feet And Shiitake Mushroom With Dry Egg Noodles (Genting Member : RM 18.90, Non-Member : RM 21.50)

Even after eating so much, i still don't feel full, so i have to round it up by ordering this big plate of Braised Chicken Feet And Shiitake Mushroom With Dry Egg Noodles ! haha, finally, it makes me burp with happiness, hahaha ! A fully tummy with a happy heart and a big smile on the face .. ! The Braised Chicken Feet And Shiitake Mushroom With Dry Egg Noodles is tasty, the chicken feet is soft and well cook. The noodles is tangy and yummy .. This is what i call a perfect closing for a meal, haha !!

Being located inside the newly open Sky Avenue at Genting Highland, WanHoi Yamcha Restaurant is kinda tricky to find, haha ! It is located inside of Sky Avenue but at the very end, if not mistaken, WanHoi Yamcha Restaurant is the last restaurant in that area, so you will have to walk until a dead end and you will see WanHoi Yamcha on your right. Over all, WanHoi Yamcha Restaurant is a nice place to dine in, the food is tasty but expensive, i would say that this is expected because WanHoi Yamcha Restaurant is in Genting, haha !

Rating :
Food : 8/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 4/10

Operating Hour :
10.00 am - 10.00 pm

Address :
Level 1,
Store Number : T2-7 And 8 And 9,
Sky Avenue,
Genting Highland.

Webpage :

Map :

Posted Date : 25 February 2017
Posted Time : 7.50 pm


  1. Go and try a 2nd second visit. You will be totally shocked by the extremely bad service from the Manager, Francis. Foods from good to worst. Never will I step into the restaurant again.


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