Gathering Package @ 2PM And Beyond Gravity, G Hotel Kelawai

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G Hotel Kelawai is introducing their new meeting package Gathering specially for families, friends and companies to celebrate. You can choose to have your gathering either at 2PM Lounge or at Beyond Gravity, a space where you can convert into a creative event. You can always feel free to discuss your idea with G Hotel Kelawai to make your gathering at G Hotel Kelawai memorable and fun.

Since this meeting package is new, i decided to go check it out, haha ! On my way there, i totally forget that G Hotel Kelawai is located at different place, i end up looking for 2PM Lounge at G Hotel Gurney, haha ! Silly me, so don't be like me .. G Hotel Kelawai is located in between Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon Mall but facing Kelawai Street. I hope this direction will make it easier for you to find G Hotel Kelawai, hahaha ! I know, i am a bit blur sometimes .. (^.^)

Photo By : G Hotel Kelawai

Photo By : G Hotel Kelawai

2PM Lounge is located at Ground Floor inside of G Hotel Kelawai. The lounge is carefully crafted and delicately decorated. It looks really sophisticated. 2PM is a destination where lifestyle and architecture are emphasized. The environment and atmosphere here is really relaxing and is definitely a great place to unwind after a long hectic day.

At night, the environment becomes even more romantic with the candles lighting up the lounge. Price for Gathering at 2PM starts from RM 38.00 nett per person for coffee and tea with three snacks which include savory and sweet delicacies. There are many choices to choose from their menu. Some examples of the savoury are Breaded Fish Finger with Wasabi Mayo, Mini Chicken Pie, Quiche Lorraine and Chicken Boxing. While for sweets are food like Chocolate Eclair with Pastry Cream, Mini Fruits Tartlets, Fruits Skewers with Chocolate Dip and Chocolate Brownie.

Vegetable Samosa With Yoghurt Mint Dip And Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine

Food here at 2PM G Hotel Kelawai is tasty and eating tasty food in such an awesome environment is really nice with food prepared by great chef and serve by friendly yet professional waiter and waitress.

Mini Cheese Cake

I love the Mini Cheese Cake the most. I eat and eat and eat and i only stop when i was really full, hehe .. i just can't stop myself, i like the Mini Cheese Cake. The Cheese Cake is small, i can finish it with just one mouth full, when it is in my mouth, i can taste the delicious and soft cheese. If you are not a fans of just plain Cheese Cake, you can always choose the Mini Strawberry Cheese Cake from G Hotel Kelawai menu.

Mango Pudding In Miniature Glass

Chocolate Éclair With Pastry Cream

Mini Fruit Tartlets

Mini Tandoori Brochette

Alternatively, 2PM can also be transform into a Gathering with International Buffet Dinner. The price starts from RM 100.00 nett per person which includes salad bar, tapas, appetizer, compound salad, soup, hot dishes and dessert.

BBQ Chicken Wing

The BBQ Chicken Wing is also another food that i like here in G Hotel Kelawai, i am not really a fans of Chicken Wing and was skeptical about it being tasty if serve in BBQ style but after one bite on the BBQ Chicken Wing, it makes me wanting for more, haha ! The BBQ taste is yummy and the Chicken Wing has a lot of meat, not just bone and skin, haha ! If only i can have the whole plate to myself, i would finish it all .. (^.^) Eat Eat Eat !!!!

Breaded Fish Finger With Wasabi Mayo

Ok, now, moving on to Beyond Gravity which is located beyond 24th floor of G Hotel Kelawai, it is another venue for Gathering. If the weather is nice and you wish to have your gathering at outdoor instead of in an enclosed lounge then you can choose to have your gathering at Beyond Gravity, which i personally feel is a great place to dine and feel the outdoor wind blowing. The place is so high up that you can actually see part of Penang Island from here.

From Beyond Gravity you can enjoy the panoramic view of Penang cityscape, the iconic Penang Bridge, greenery of the hill view coupled with an enchanting paradise of the blue sea. G Hotel Kelawai has elevated the Penang scene with the opening of Beyond Gravity, a stunning 360 degree view of the island which offers guests a new getaway rendezvous. At Beyond Gravity, the day-to-night creates an exclusive and chic atmosphere simply to relax.

One thing nice about what G Hotel Kelawai offers at Beyond Gravity is that you can actually customize your own setting. G Hotel Kelawai professional Events team will then add some unique touches to your idea of ideal setting for your event and create a lasting impression for your event, at the same time making it special for you. You can throw a birthday party, anniversary celebration, special occasion or even corporate meet up, Beyond Gravity is the space to let your creativity run wild while beholding the beautiful panoramic view of Penang cityscape. The newly launched Gathering package offers you this alfresco setting at Beyond Gravity above level 24 from RM 100.00 nett per person with International Buffet Dinner to complement the night.

The International Buffet Dinner features salad bar, tapas, appetizer, compound salad, soup, hot dishes and dessert. Salad features a variety of selections including Iceberg Lettuce, Red Chicory, Lolo Rosso, Tomatoes and dressings. For tapas is has Spring Roll, Prawn Tempura, Chicken Boxing, Vegetable Samosa, Potato Curry Puff, Squid Ring. As for the hot dishes, there are vegetables, potato, pasta or noodles, egg, poultry, fish, prawn, lamb and most importantly rice, haha ! Rice is just so Malaysian, to me .. it is like a must have ! haha .. ! Finish off the meal with a line of desserts, from the Assorted season fresh fruit platter, Mango Pudding, Strawberry Mousse, Pandan Cake, Assorted Nyonya Kuih to Bubur Kacang Merah or Bubur Kacang Hijau.

Photo By : G Hotel Kelawai

When i was on my way up to Beyond Gravity, i took the elevator up to level 24 where the infinity pool is located in G Hotel Kelawai and the view of the pool is so nice !

So why not make a booking for G Hotel Kelawai Gathering Package now ? 2 extraordinary venues, one impressive event. You can choose either to dine under the stars at Beyond Gravity or to choose a more romantic setting with candle lights at 2PM Lounge. Lets make your Gathering an event to remember.

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Posted Date : 3 March 2017

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