Pork Rice Porridge (Congee) Stall @ Hatyai, Thailand

By : Chha

During my visit to Hatyai for Songkran Festival i found this little stall by the road side which is selling yummy Pork Rice Porridge (Congee). If you are not familiar with Hatyai Town then this little stall here will be hard for you to find but if you know where Aloha Hotel is, then this stall is just right beside Aloha Hotel. It is not a big place, it is kinda hidden at the side of Aloha Hotel with only a few tables and chairs by the road side. The Pork Rice Porridge (Congee) here is tasty, i love it. It is cheap as well.

If you want a simple meal for breakfast, this will do the trick. This Congee stall only sells breakfast meaning it will be close during lunch hour.

The owner here speak perfect Hokkien, so for people from North Malaysia, communication with the owner is not a problem, i am not sure if he speak Mandarin but you can try. Being able to speak with the owner in Hokkien is making my order more easy, haha ! I manage to order a cup of Milo for myself too, haha ! But it does not taste like Milo, i taste more like other brand of chocolate drinks. Anyway, its good for me.

Rating :
Food : 8/10
Environment : 8/10 (Hawker Standard)
Service : 8/10 (Hawker Standard)
Hygiene : 7/10 (Hawker Standard)
Price : 8/10 (Hawker Standard)

GPS Coordinate :
7.003822, 100.469541

Map :

Visited : April 2017

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Posted Date : 24 April 2017
Posted Time : 10.43 am