Window Of The Top | The TOP Komtar Penang @ Georgetown, Penang

By : Chha

Two words Breath Taking ! This is exactly the view i see from The TOP Komtar in Penang. The top level of the very iconic building of Penang and also Penang's tallest skyscraper and the sixth tallest building in Malaysia. KOMTAR is an acronym for Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak named after the second Prime Minister of Malaysia is now being transform into a beautiful restaurant and observation deck that offer amazing 360 degree view of the wonderful Penang Island.

Ok, now here is the thing ! The TOP Komtar or some would call it Window Of The Top is now accessible at two level. The observatory deck which is located at level 65 and the Rainbow Skywalk which is located at level 68, which is also the highest level at Komtar.

The Observatory Deck at level 65 offers an amazing view of Penang Island behind glass. That is why my photo colour looks so weird, haha ! And i think the glass is slightly tinted making my photos look dark and weird, haha ! Anyway, tickets purchase can be done at level 6 of Komtar.

After obtaining the tickets, you will have to walk through security to get your bag check, body scan, tickets scanned and photo taken, haha, which you can purchase it later if you feel that it is nice. Then, take the elevator and up i go to level 65 first which is the observatory deck. The moment i step out of the elevator, i am directed by the staff into a room to watch the introductory video of Komtar, trust me .. the ending of the video will make you go WOW !!

No photo is allowed in the introductory room actually, but sorry ... i was not aware of it and snap one piece of photo ..

What more can i say ? The view here is really awesome, how much i wish i can just sit here and don't go back home ..

At the observatory deck there is one section where you can stand on transparent glass and look all the way down from level 65. Want test your fear of height ?

Fancy a luxury dinner with amazing view ? At this observatory deck of The TOP Komtar Penang they offer dining options as well.

Now lets go up higher to level 68 where the Rainbow Skywalk is.

The elevator at level 65 will bring you directly into the Coco Cabana Bar And Bistro at level 68. The Rainbow Skywalk is outside of Coco Cabana Bar And Bistro which is out in the open. Here i can feel the hot wind of Penang blowing, hahaha ! Penang is hot, always hot ..

Here at Rainbow Skywalk, you can view the city without any glass blocking the entire view, making the view more amazing and photo taking is more nice, haha !

You can walk around The TOP of Komtar and have 360 degree view of the entire Penang Island. You can also have dinner here out in the open to enjoy the romantic night view of Penang Island.

Getting There :

Coming to Komtar is easy, you can ask anyone in Penang where is Komtar and they will instantly know how to direct you here, haha ! The tricky part is finding the entrance to The TOP Komtar Penang. If you know Komtar Walk, then it is easy for you. The entrance is from Komtar Walk.

Then you will have to walk through a series of cafe, shops and arcade before you reach level 6 where the tickets counter for The TOP Komtar is.

If you see this tickets counter, then you are heading the correct direction, but this is not the tickets counter for you to purchase the entrance tickets to The TOP Komtar. This tickets counter is for all the other attractions here, like the Jurassic Research Center, 7D Discovery Motion Theater, Jelly Bump and many more.

Operating Hour : ( For Access To Observatory And Rainbow Skywalk )
10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Restaurant at The TOP Komtar will still be open after 6.00 pm.

Tickets Price :

Standard Rates :
Adult (Above 130CM) - RM118.00
Child (90CM-130CM) And Senior Citizen (60 years old and above) - RM88.00
OKU** - RM88.00

MyKad Rates :
Adult (Above 130CM) - RM88.00
Child (90CM-130CM) and Senior Citizen (60 years old andabove) - RM58.00
OKU** - RM58.00

(**Present OKU card before purchase ticket at ticketing counter and ONLY for card holder)

Address :
1, Jalan Penang,
10000 George Town
Penang, Malaysia

Telephone :
04 - 2623800
GPS Coordinate :
5.414511, 100.329731

Map :

Posted Date : 10 April 2017
Posted Time : 5.24 pm