[7D6N] Day 6 - Hiking Mount Rinjani | Senaru @ Lombok, Indonesia

Finally it is the last day of hiking .. ! Today we hike all the way down to Senaru and that is the ending point of our hike here in Mount Rinjani.

The hike does not start easy, the sandy down hill walk is seriously hard, we fall few times and landed on our butt .. ! Dust is everywhere so remember to put on your face mask.

We start the day with some light breakfast and off we go to take on the road, haha !

Rocky sandy road all the way down .. !

After few hours of grueling hike down, the route seems to get better with shades and more even route to walk on. The route is still going down hill after this point but the good thing is, there are shades and the route is not that sandy anymore making it easier to decent from Mount Rinjani. This also enable us to walk faster to catch up on lost time.

Lunch were awesome today, we get to eat spaghetti instead of just fried instant noodles and rice that we have been eating for so many days with the same dish, haha ! Since today is our last day of hiking, we were all kinda excited to decent from Mount Rinjani as fast as possible, so lunch was quick and we did not stop for rest as much as we did when hiking up, well, i admit that the route going down is much easier that is why we were able to speed up with minimum rest. After hours of walking and walking down hill, we finally reach the entrance of Senaru.

Here at the entrance of Senaru we need to write our name in a log book that they provide as a record that we completed the hike safely. After some rest and a lot of photo taking at this point as we were so happy, relieve and proud that we completed the Mount Rinjani hike, we still need to continue to walk for at least 1 to 2 km in order for us to get to our transport that will take us to our home stay for the night.

Once we get to our transport, it was time to say good bye to our porter who have help us a lot through out the entire hike. I am really thankful for all the help they gave in making sure that we were well fed, kept warm, stay safe and most importantly enjoy the whole experience of hiking the beautiful Mount Rinjani .. ! We take some time to say our farewell and off we go for another 4 hours of drive before we reach our home stay.

Along the way to our home stay, we did stop for some tasty Martabak which is selling by the road side and also to buy the refreshing Teh Botol to quench our thirst. Martabak seems to be really famous here, we can find Martabak food anywhere along the way to our home stay. Our stay for tonight is at Santai Villas, yupe ! You heard it right, it is a villa which is really awesome, haha ! Santai Villas is not easy to find but with some help from Google Map, we were able to find it. By the time we reach our home stay, it was already at night. Without wasting any time, i go straight to the bath room and clean my self up .. ! After 3 days of no bath, i just have the urge to bath as many time as i can, hahaha ! After rounds and rounds of cleaning myself, making sure that i smells good and superb clean, it is time to rest .. ! Go to bed after my dinner and call it a day .. !

Visited : July 2017

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Posted Date : 10 September 2017
Posted Time : 3.41 am