Capsule by Container Hotel @ KLIA 2 Airport, Selangor

By : Chha

Well, waiting for flight transit sometimes is really tiring, especially when the next connecting flight is few hours away, worst, if it is at mid night. At hours like this, you just need to get some sleep. Well, honestly, i don't see it as a problem for me, i can just sleep by the road side using my backpack as my pillow and my sleeping bag to keep me warm. That is the reason why i always have my sleeping bag with me when i travel, so that i can sleep where ever i want, haha !

If you don't want to be like me, sleeping like a nomad, then you can always choose the Capsule by Container Hotel which is located inside of KLIA 2 Airport. By having Capsule, it is really convenient for traveler who would like to get some rest while waiting for their next flight.

Capsule by Container Hotel gives you privacy in each and every room that you book for, even the single bed capsule comes with curtain to close up the entrance to the capsule bed.

Bed are really comfortable and soft with pillow and blanket provided. Every customer will be given a bottle of water and clean towel. There is clean bathroom to use too.

Those not staying in single bed capsule will have their own room access card to ensure security.

You will also be provided a locker for you to keep your things. One thing about this Capsule by Container Hotel is, they don't have Capsule rental for days, they only allow up to maximum 12 hours stay. I am not sure if you can extend the stay here but the maximum hours available right now is 12 hours. It is obvious that Capsule by Container Hotel is only for people who are waiting for flight transit and it is not really a hotel for people to stay long here.

Getting There :
Capsule by Container Hotel are located at Level 1 (CP1), Gateway at KLIA 2. Just 8 minutes walk from KLIA 2 airline check in counter.

Type Of Bed Available :
Male - Single Bed In Male Only Zone
Female - Single Bed In Female Only Zone
Mix  - Single Bed In Mix Zone
Mixplus - Queen Bed In Mix Zone
Suite - 1 Queen + 1 Single Bed In Mix Zone

Available Duration For Rental :
6 Hours
9 Hours
12 Hours

Price :
6 Hours
Male : RM 90.00
Female : RM 90.00
Mix : RM 90.00
Mixplus : RM 180.00
Suite : RM 225.00

9 Hours
Male : RM 100.00
Female : RM 100.00
Mix : RM 100.00
Mixplus : RM 200.00
Suite : RM 250.00

12 Hours
Male : RM 110.00
Female : RM 110.00
Mix : RM 110.00
Mixplus : RM 220.00

Suite : RM 275.00

(Note : Rate above is base on what i get during my visit, it may varies depending on the booking agent and time of visit)

Summary :
Clean Room : Yes
Clean Bath Room : Yes (Sharing)
Clean Towel : Yes
Locker : Yes (At A Common Area)
Helpful And Friendly Staff : Yes
Staff Speak English : Yes (Very Well)
Breakfast : No
Wifi : Yes
Common Area : Yes

Address :
Level 1 (CP1),
Lot 1 - Lot 5,
Gateway at KLIA 2,
64000 KLIA Sepang,

Telephone :
+6 03 - 76102020

Email :

Website :

GPS Coordinate :
2.745721, 101.685498

Map :

Posted Date : 22 October 2017
Posted Time : 11.54 pm