Cha Yen | Thai Milk Tea and Thai Food Restaurant | @ I Avenue, Penang

By : Chha

Cha Yen, "now this name sound familiar, i must have seen it somewhere". That is what i thought to myself when i first come across Cha Yen Restaurant herre at I Avenue, Penang. It took me awhile to realize that there is another outlet of Cha Yen at Lebuh Acheh or Armenian Street, probably that is why the name Cha Yen sound familiar to me, haha !

Cha Yen Restaurant is a Thai Food Restaurant. They serve authentic Thai Food and Thai Milk Tea being their signature.

Cha Yen (Cold : RM 5.50, Hot : RM 4.50)

Cha Yen Restaurant have many choice of Thai Milk tea, you can choose whether to have their original Cha Yen Milk Tea like the one i tried, which i feel is tasty, or you can choose others like Mohca Yen, Hazelnut Latte Yen, Cha Kheiwy Yen and many more !

i am not sure if you can find this in the menu but this is recommended to me by one of the waiter there at Cha Yen. I don't know what to order on that day and was basically standing there at the counter, blank ! After awhile the waiter there offer to help me with some suggestion on what to order. So, i end up ordering this. This plate of fish looks like fish in Tomyam soup but it taste a bit like Thai Curry, very spicy ! The spicy level is like 9/10 for me .. ! But i like it, it is tasty ..

Cha Yen Nasi Lemak RM 3.80

Nasi Lemak here is somehow average, like any other Nasi Lemak. Nothing bad to complain .. can try ! I would recommend that you try their Thai dish because that is their specialty and is really yummy too.

Thai Kaya With Toast RM 4.80

This is another good food that i like, the Thai Kaya With Toast which only cost RM 4.80. This is really tasty .. ! The bread is perfectly toast, it tasted so crunchy and the kaya .. tasty !! I feel this is a must try if you are a Kaya Toast fans.

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Gai Yang Namjim RM 14.90

Rating :
Food : 7/10
Environment : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 6/10

Operating Hour :
9.00 am - 10.00 pm

Address :
1-1-53 Tingkat Bawah,
No 1, Medan Kampung Relau 1,
I-Avenue 11900
Bayan Lepas
Pulau Pinang

Telephone :
012 - 4196565

GPS Coordinate :
5.333517, 100.293707

Map :

Posted Date : 28 November 2017
Posted Time : 1.09 pm