Wai Sek Kai | Penang Street Food @ Chai Leng Park, Seberang Jaya

By : Chha

I think most of the locals here from Penang are aware that Wai Sek Kai is a Hawker Street at Chai Leng Park, Seberang Jaya, Penang. But if you are not locals from Penang, this street is the one stop place where you can find a lot of different types of hawker food. This is not the only place in Penang of course but is one of those famous Hawker Street. Wai Sek Kai at Chai Leng Park has a lot of hawker food that you can choose from. Some of it are really tasty and famous among the locals here.

Duck Rice

Soup Yee Mee

Wantan Noodles

Rice Noodle Roll

Fried Chicken

Tau Fu Fah

Clay pot Chicken Rice

Sugarcane Juice

Soy Milk

Grass Jelly Drinks

Price for hawker food especially in Wai Sek Kai is not expensive. It is reasonably priced base on what you order. So if you are really into so cheap and tasty hawker food, then Wai Sek Kai at Chai Leng Park is the place for you ! This hawker street is only open at night and different-different stalls will take turns to open daily.

GPS Location :
5.386464, 100.391993

Map :

Posted Date : 4 December 2017
Posted Time : 4.50 pm