Dynasty Palace Restaurant @ Ipoh, Perak

By : Chha (A-1123)

Dynasty Palace Restaurant Ipoh Perak

When talk about Dim Sum in Ipoh, there are two very famous and very familiar name will pop up but to me that two Dim Sum restaurant is already too famous and it is always crowded with people regardless how early you are there. So i start to look for other alternative, other Dim Sum restaurant in Ipoh which is equally good as those famous Dim Sum restaurant in Ipoh but is less famous among tourist.

Dynasty Palace Restaurant is worth my effort to write this post for. Their service is good, environment is comfortable, the place is clean, well maintain and food is good.

Pork And Preserved Egg Congee RM 4.80

This bowl of Congee is serve in a small bowl but is good enough for one person. The ingredient inside the Congee is tasty.

Deep Fried Barbecued Pork Bun RM 5.10

I like this Deep Fried Barbecued Pork Bun, the Barbecued Pork inside the Deep Fried Bun is really tasty and it is special too, usually other place will put Sesame in it but this is Barbecued Pork.

Deep Fried Youtiao Cheung Fun RM 5.30

Deep Fried Youtiao Cheung Fun is tasty too, those Cheung Fun that i tried before are either Prawn or Pork but this is Youtiao, haha ! Special right ? The Deep Fried Youtio is a little bit soft, if it is more crunchy then it would be even better.

Egg Yolk And Custard Bun RM 5.40

Would you look at my fail attempt to poke a hole and make the Egg Yolk And Custard ooze out from the Bun, haha ! The moment i poke it, the entire Bun burst the Egg Yolk And Custard out on the plate, haha ! Epic fail .. !

Tie Guan Yin RM 1.50

Food here is tasty and the main thing that i like is that Dynasty Palace Restaurant is way way far away from those busy city center and away from tourist hot spot ! haha .. !

Rating :
Food : 9/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 6/10

Operating Hour :
Close on Monday
7.00 am - 2.00 pm

Address :
No. 16-18,
Medan Stesen 18/11 (Opposite Aeon Mall, Station 18)
Station 18,
31650 Ipoh,

GPS Coordinate :
4.544098, 101.071353

Map :

Posted Date : 14 February 2018
Posted Time : 7.30 pm