Jim Thompson Farm @ Khao Yai, Thailand

By : Chha (A-1402)

Jim Thompson Farm

This is the must visit place if you happen to be in Khao Yai in December. Jim Thompson Farm is only opens once a year in the month of December and it is indeed an experience.

Jim Thompson Farm is a huge farm and the tour truck will bring you around the farm.

This place is very well maintained. The pumpkins were huge !

I had a great time exploring the place and taking beautiful pictures of flowers all around me, haha !

Since Jim Thompson Farm is a huge farm, it is divided into a few section, with each section having different things and displaying different types of flowers. One of the many section here is the Sunflower section but i feel that the Sunflower here is small compare to those i seen else where.

I love the field and field of flowers here, it is so clam and nice here. Though it is very hot at this time of the year but i still enjoy myself very much visiting Jim Thompson Farm.

There are also section in Jim Thompson Farm that is something like a Cultural Village for visiting.

There is also stalls selling some light snacks made from rice in this Cultural Village area.

Rice Cake 10 baht

Rice Cracker 10 baht

As i was watching this lady pulling Silk out of cocoons, suddenly i heard loud music playing from far and it is getting nearer to where i stand. So i turn and saw, some of the people there performing their traditional dance.

If you ever get hungry while visiting Jim Thompson Farm, there is a food court next to the entrance where you can choose from various of local food to eat. This is really awesome and the food here is really tasty .. ! You will need to get a cash card from their payment counter and reload some amount of money into it. All the stalls here will use that card as payment. If you did not finish the amount of money inside the card, you can return the card at the payment counter and they will refund you the balance in your card.

I had my lunch and tea break here, haha ! Food here is not expensive but it is self service, you will need to serve the food yourself after purchase it from the stall.

Here is a map to give you a rough idea of how huge Jim Thompson Farm is.

Getting There :

The best way to get to Jim Thompson Farm is either by driving or take a taxi. Public Transport here is hard to get. If you drive here the traffic outside the farm was well managed, guiding traffic in an orderly manner and the parking space outside of Jim Thompson Farm is huge too.

Ticket Price :

Weekday Ticket
Adult : 180 baht
Child : 130 baht

Weekend Ticket
Adult : 220 baht
Child : 160 baht

Long Holiday Ticket
(Valid Only In Period Of Time Stated)
Adult : 280 baht
Child : 180 baht

Important Note :
ONLY OPEN in December

Website :

GPS Coordinate :
14.642565, 101.867107

Map :

Visited : December 2016

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Posted Date : 13 February 2018
Posted Time : 7.00 pm