Japanese Buffet Dinner @ Spoon Cafe, G Hotel Kelawai

By : Chha (A-1248)

G Hotel, it is like, you just need to try every food that comes out from their kitchen, haha ! Well, that is what i thought to myself .. From Gurney to Kelawai .. must try all !! haha .. from Evening Tea to Dinner .. must try all .. !! So, this round, let me bring you to Spoon Cafe which is located on 2nd Floor of G Hotel, Kelawai.

G Hotel Kelawai

G Hotel Kelawai

The first thing i notice the moment i walk out from the lift into second floor of G Hotel, Kelawai .. is the awesome environment at Spoon Cafe. The view looking out from here is really nice .. ! The design of this cafe is so high class and to me, personally i think, this is how a 5 stars cafe should look like .. ! Nice !

G Hotel Kelawai

That is not even the food part yet .. i already drop my jaws looking at the awesome environment at Spoon Cafe.

G Hotel Kelawai

G Hotel Kelawai

Japanese Buffet Dinner

Spoon Cafe serve two types of buffet dinner and the one i am trying today is their Japanese Buffet Dinner .. ! When i first heard that it is a Japanese Buffet, Sushi is the first thing that automatically pop up in my head, haha ..

G Hotel Kelawai

Yes, there are a lot of Sushi being serve here but that is not the only thing available, there are so many food to choose from !

You can get a lot of seafood, fried food and a lot of cakes to try on .. !

Coconut Tart


Strawberry Mousse

Orange Velvet

Japanese Cheese Cake

Now for the main course of the buffet .. there is just too much food to eat, i don't think the 4 hours operating hour for buffet is enough for me to eat all the food here, haha !

Oyster Motoyaki

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable With Pumpkin

Sauteed Brinjal With Spicy Minced Meat Sauce

Chawan Mushi

Genghis Khan Japanese Barbecued Lamb

Japanese Fish Cake Stew

Japanese Savory Pancake

Pano Breaded Fish With Wasabi Mayo

Torikaraage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

Beef Ball With Japanese Curry Sauce

Japanese Udon Noodles With Black Pepper

Luckly, Spoon Cafe has 4 walls to limit the amount of food that are able to be serve in it, else, the list will just keep going, haha ! Ok now, my favorite are the Japanese Udon Noodles With Black Pepper, Pano Breaded Fish With Wasabi Mayo, Japanese Savory Pancake and Chawan Mushi, These four dish here is the best, though others taste good too but these four are my favorite .. especially the Japanese Savory Pancake, it taste like Pizza, haha ! and the Udon Noodles is not too oily and is perfectly cook as the Udon Noodles is not too soft or under cook .. i like it.

There is one area call the 'Action Station' where you can choose your own ingredient and let the Chef cook it for you on the spot, just like an 'Live' action of the Chef cooking the food in front of you ..

Turkey Sliced

Smoked Mackerel

Smoked Salmon

I really enjoy dining here in G Hotel Kelawai, the environment is awesome and the food is tasty too. Will definitely come back for more food here or maybe a stay at G Hotel would be awesome too ..

SPOON Cafe, G Hotel Kelawai
Level 2 | Daily, 6.00 am - 11.00 pm

Buffet Dinner
Daily, 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm

Sunday - Thusday, International Buffet
RM 75.00

Friday and Saturday, Japanese Buffet
RM 105.00

Add on RM 75.00 for free flow of house beer and wine.
Children 6 to 12 years old and senior citizen 60 years old and above :
Sunday - Thusday, RM 60.00
Friday and Saturday, RM 70.00

For Booking Or Furher Information :
04 - 2190000 (G Hotel Kelawai)

Address :
G Hotel Kelawai
2 Persiaran Maktab,
10250 Penang,

Email :

Webpage :

GPS Coordinate :
5.435498, 100.309963

Map :

Posted Date : 27 March 2018
Posted Time : 7.00 pm