Ritter Sport | Chocolate from Germany

By : Chha

Ever since my first visit to Germany, i have been in love with Ritter Sport. What is Ritter Sport you ask ? haha .. Ritter Sport is a brand of chocolate from the Alfred Ritter GmbH and Co. KG. Company, which is headquartered in Waldenbuch, Germany. Well, i am not sure if Ritter Sport chocolate is famous in Germany but i am in love with it .. !

There are many types of Ritter Sport Chocolate available and there are many types of flavor to it too, though mainly it is in normal chocolate or white chocolate but the filling is different.

Some even come with nice wrapping with cute an nice design to it.

Since Ritter Sport comes from Germany, the wrapping is mostly written in German, you might need google translate to find out what it means, haha .. Unless you know some basic German like i do .. ehem .. haha ! 'Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch', ok ! haha .. !

Posted Date : 27 March 2018
Posted Time : 7.30 pm