Great Eastern Viper Challenge 2018 @ Batu Kawan Stadium, Penang

By : Chha

For the second time, for the second year, Great Eastern Viper Challenge Penang | Challenge The Dark is back at Batu Kawan Stadium, 7 km route with 15 awesome unique obstacles. Being the sport active type of person - Me ! I just have to make sure that i get myself registered, haha !

As usual, not knowing what to expect from the obstacle that are installed for me on 3 March 2018, i just go ahead and surprise myself with every obstacle that comes in my way .. That is what i like, the element of surprise.

All the obstacle are really a surprise to me the moment i see it. All the obstacle makes me think, 'oh god !, not this one .. too tough !'

but after every obstacle i'll go 'phew, one done, few more to go' and at the end of the obstacle course .. i am glad i am able to finish it with my mind goes 'i am the toughest man alive !, haha ..', well though that is not the case, haha, but my mind just like to play tricks on myself as a compensation of telling myself, 'good job, you've done it !' and with that .. Viper Challenge 2018 (Checked √ )

Posted Date : 12 March 2018
Posted Time : 8.00 pm