Envy Autocity | An Unparalleled Nightlife Revolution in Juru Autocity

By : Chha

Miss Soju Autocity already ? Well, The long wait is finally over. Penang famous Auto City nightclub, Soju is now re-opened on May 25 with a new name that will make every club in town envy of its newly done extensive renovation.

So now, Soju Autocity is now known as Envy Club Autocity ! Now is definitely the best time for you to revisit Envy Club and hold the rights to brag about it to your friends, haha !

The opening night featured New Trade, an international live band that delivered unapparelled performance effortlessly for the eager clubbers from 10.00 pm onwards, which i think is a perfect timing for night owls .. haha !

Envy Club is now equipped with its brand new face lifts and exciting playground featuring an iPong bar, Pool Bar and Darts Bar is set to bring new level of clubbing experience to party goers of which i think is really awesome and unique.

During the pre-opening party, i was welcomed with free flow of cocktail and refreshments and had the privilege of enjoying the exciting features first hand before the club is officially opened to the public.

Envy Nighlife will deliver world class clubbing experience to its patrons with its variety of musical talents such as international guest DJs, Dancers and Bands.

The total make over of this place also involve getting in cool laser lights and attractive settings, the high end nightclub is set to become one of the most popular entertainment spaces among young trendsetters.

Envy Club is the place where you can expect a truly distinctive and transformative environment with its series of DJs and music events to entertain and blow you away. Envy Nightlife in Autocity is one of two vibrant venues, alongside Envy Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur which opened in 2017, so if you are not from Penang, don't worry, there is one Envy in Kuala Lumpur that you can go to and experience the awesomeness of this club !

Opening Hours :
Monday - Saturday
5.00 pm - 3.00 am

Happy Hour :
5.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Facebook :

Phone Number :
012 - 5238826 (For Reservation # Guest Must be 21 Years or older)

GPS Coordinate :
5.337669, 100.429038

Map :

Posted Date : 05 June 2018
Posted Time : 9.51 pm