Kedai Makanan Teow Kee @ Chai Leng Park, Seberang Jaya

By : Chha

If you are looking for food at Chai Leng Park area or the Wai Sek Kai street in particular, there are nothing to eat at the hawker food street but there are a few coffee shop opposite the hawker center which are open for lunch. One of it is Kedai Makanan Teow Kee which serve Economy Rice for lunch and dinner, other than Economy Rice, you can also order Porridge that goes well with all other dishes serve here for the Economy Rice.

Food here is good and the environment is nice too, though it is abit hot in the afternoon but it is still manageable .. haha ! Service here is good and the price is reasonable, well, depending on what dish you order, the price is base on type of dish and the serving size of it .. !

GPS Coordinate :
5.386892, 100.390935

Map :

Posted Date : 7 June 2018
Posted Time : 11.46 pm