CP Ready Made Food | Kitchen Of The World @ 7-Eleven, Auto City

By : Chha

CP which is also known as Charoen Pokphand is a Thailand base company. I am not really sure about the nature of their business but what i know is there is a product from CP which is the ready made food sold in 7-Eleven, Auto City and all you need to do is select the food you want and put them in the microwave to heat it up then eat, haha !

CP Fried Bee Hoon RM 5.19

I was craving for Bee Hoon at that time so i decided to choose Bee Hoon to eat, haha !

After paying at the counter for this box of Bee Hoon i use the Microwave Oven there at 7-Eleven to heat up the Bee Hoon. Open the box before putting it inside the Microwave Oven and leave it there for 4 minutes to cook it.

I like CP Bee Hoon because it is easy to cook and fast to prepare. The taste is simple and nice, though it is not very tasty as those cooked in Restaurant but it is still nice for me, i like it .. The portion is not too big but just good enough for me.

Cooking Instruction :

Posted Date : 13 July 2018
Posted Time : 12.02 am