Delta Eco Night Run 2016 @ Youth Park, Penang

By : Chha

Delta Eco Night Run is back once again on the 30 August 2016 and is once again being held on the same place which is at Youth Park, Penang.

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This time what attract me is the glow in the dark medal which looks awesomely cool ! haha .. !

Every year during the run we will be provided with different type of lighting and this year we are given an arm band led which we can choose the pattern of the light by pressing a button on the arm band, either a permanent on light or a blink light or to turn it off.

I feel it is actually safer to turn it on during the run because some part of the route is really dark. For me running in the dark is fine though, haha ! Thats the purpose of the night run, if not .. might as well run in the morning, haha !

After the race we are given a piece of cake, an egg and a bottle of water. There is suppose to be other drinks as well but were finish after a long wait at the queue making me feel kinda disappointed. The organize should have prepare enough for all the participants and not to have shortage of those drinks or food for the participants.

I made a complaint by commenting on Delta Night Run 2016 facebook page. The complaint is about the giving out of medals for participants. It happened to a friend of mine. Base on the rules that was set by the organizer, medals will only be given to participants that complete their run in 90 minutes time. A friend of mine finish the run in 93 minutes time and was not given medals. My friend was fine with it and was aware of the rules of the competition. But ! The one behind my friend is getting the medal but why not my friend ? How can that person be running less than 90 minutes if that person is running behind my friend and reach the finish line after my friend ? Not fair right ? So my friend argue with the helper working there, then only they give my friend the medal .. i seriously think that the organizer should look into this matter .. !

Everyone is given a hair band at different check point as you run through the check point as a proof that you actually complete the course without using any short cut, haha ! You will have to collect all 3 hair band to entitle for a medal provided you finish your run in 90 minutes time.

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Posted Date : 9 September 2016
Posted Time : 6.00 am