[2D1N] Genting Highland @ Pahang, Malaysia

By : Chha

Genting Highlands or also known as Resorts World Genting, is a hill resort in Malaysia developed by Genting Group. In Malaysia, Genting Highland does not need any further introduction. I am confident to say that, every Malaysian knows about Genting Highland. It is also the only place in Malaysia that is running a huge Casino legally, so if any of you are interested to try your luck, you can always visit Genting Highland. Other than Casino, Genting Highland also have indoor and outdoor theme park. As of now, their Outdoor theme park is still under construction.

Getting There :

There are many ways in getting to Genting Highland but the easiest way for me is by taking bus since i am traveling from north Malaysia. The journey takes around 4 to 5 hours of drive. For me, i get my bus tickets from Sin Pen Travel.

The bus is comfortable and the driver is friendly too. Like their service and they do help to make booking for hotels in Genting Highland too. I get my hotel room at First World Resort from Sin Pen Travel too. Well, getting the hotel room from a travel agent is slightly more expensive compare to making booking yourself but with the help from the travel agent, i save all the trouble of making the booking myself, i just pay and then go travel, haha ! Hassle free .. (^.^)

The room i get at First World Resort Genting Highland is a standard two single bed room. This room is the standard room at First World Resort. The room is small but good enough for a night stay. Most of the people won't be spending much time inside hotel room when visiting Genting Highland, some might not even need the room as the Casino is open 24 hours, haha !

Kai Shi Hor Fun Soup RM 21.00

Sui Kaw Noodle Soup RM 21.00

Getting food at Genting Highland is not hard too, there are a lot of restaurant and food courts available at Genting Highland. The noodles that i ate is at Hou Mei Noodle House. Hou Mei have been in Genting Highland for many years and is still operating until now. You can also take your meal at the newly open Sky Avenue Food Court. There are a lot of newly open restaurant and food stalls there in Sky Avenue. One of those that i tried at Sky Avenue is WanHoi Yamcha.

Holiday at Genting Highland for 2 Days and 1 Night is actually not enough. There are a lot of food to try, a lot of games to play and for adult, the Casino is interesting, haha ! My Genting Highland trip this time is just a short getaway from my everyday hectic life, haha ! I depart from Penang by Sin Pen Bus and arrive Genting Highland at around 3.00 pm and stay a night here. The next day i depart from Genting Highland at around 4.00 pm.

Posted Date : 7 March 2017
Posted Time : 6.30 pm