Micmic Cafe @ Karpal Singh Drive, Penang

By : Chha

Started operation just around 3 months ago Micmic Cafe is located at the heart of the currently uprising-most-visited seaside promanade at the suburb of Jelutong near George Town in the beautiful island Penang. Hmm, this statement sound so professional and well structured, actually for me, in short means, new place to eat !! yehhhh ... ! hahaha .. !

Micmic Cafe, if want to say that it is hard to find, it is actually not hard to find. Want to say that it is easy to find, well i lost my way few times, hahaha ! Well, being 99% blur most of the time, it is expected that i will definitely lost my way, haha ! Let me make it easier for you to find Micmic Cafe.

Getting There :

Micmic Cafe is located somewhere along Karpal Singh Drive, so if you are coming from Mc Donalds at Karpal Singh Drive then drive all the way until you pass by Starbucks Coffee then Automall. Right after Automall, drive slowly and look to your left, you will see Amanah Raya Building, Micmic Cafe is in the same row of shops with Amanah Raya.

Take the stairs on the right up to Micmic Cafe which is located on the 1st Floor of that shoplot. I can easily find parking here during my visit as there are plenty of free parking space right in front of Micmic Cafe.

The first thing that attracts me is the entrance to Micmic Cafe. It is design in such a way that i looks like a garden, haha ! From here, you can have a direct view of the Karpal Singh Drive without having the needs to walk out under the sun. I can just sit here eating while enjoying the view of Karpal Singh Drive.

Internally, the environment in Micmic Cafe is comfortable as well, with some simple and cute decoration, Micmic Cafe is a nice to place to dine in.

Micmic Cafe serve variety of food ranging from fried rice to spaghetti and from toast to soup.

Broccoli Soup With Garlic Bread RM 12.90

If you are a vegetables lover, then this Broccoli Soup With Garlic Bread is the one for you, the soup is special because most of the place i went before does not serve Broccoli Soup, other place mostly serve Pumpkin Soup or Mushroom Soup which is too main stream, haha ! Micmic Cafe does serve Pumpkin and Mushroom soup too, in fact, that is their recommended soup too but instead i choose to try Broccoli Soup. The soup is nice and it is thick with Broccoli while the Garlic Bread is serve crunchy. The garlic taste is not too strong or too oily, just enough and it taste good.

Shanghai Fried Rice RM 16.90
(Ham, Mushroom And Vegetables)

Rice !! Rice is undoubltly the mosty Malaysian food that i like, haha ! but if it is cooked Shanghai style, even better ! Asian fusion i would call it, haha ! This plate of Shanghai Fried Rice has a lot of vegetables hidden inside the rice, once i start digging into the rice i can see all the vegetables inside. The vegetable is well cook and not too hard which i find it nice to eat and this Shanghai Fried Rice has mushroom also.

Basil Pesto Sauce Pasta RM 18.90
(Mushroom Green Sauce And Salad)

Now is time for Spaghetti ! The Basil Pesto Sauce Pasta where the sauce is self made by Micmic Cafe themselves. For me, i personally feel that this plate of pasta is a bit dry and the olive oil that is put into it does not really help much but i think the quantity of olive oil is already good enough. Vegetables taste is strong and if you are not a vegetables fans, maybe it is a bit hard for you to accept the taste. Salad that comes together with the spaghetti is mixed with Sesame Sauce which makes it a bit sweet, i like it though and the small piece of bread is crunchy.

Mini French Toast RM 8.90

My personal favorite is this Mini French Toast. I highly recommend this for you all to try, so try this when you are in Micmic Cafe. The chocolate on top is tasty and this Mini French Toast is very different, the bread is soft but the outer layer is a bit crunchy, i can taste the butter inside the bread making it smell nice and taste nice. A must try i would say.

Durian Butter Cake (Slice: RM 12.90, Whole : RM 45.00)

At Micmic Cafe you can have Durian Cake through out the year without having to wait for the Durian Season, haha ! This Durian Cake is made with French Butter. I feel that the Durian taste is a little bit mild and the butter taste cover up most of the Durian taste from this cake. If you are a Durian lover and wish to try this Durian cake then Micmic Cake always welcome you to try, haha ! You can order the whole Durian Cake too but 3 days advance booking is needed.

Signature Coffee (Medium : RM 7.90, Large : RM 9.90)

People say, a meal is not complete without a nice cup of something to drink, haha ! So here is where the Signature Coffee from Coffee2GO served at Micmic Cafe comes in, haha ! This cup of Signature Coffee is not too sweet and the coffee taste is just enough making it nice to drink. Not too thick until it makes me unable to sleep at night and not too mild that it become tasteless. The sweetness and the nice coffee taste is well blend.

Other than that, Micmic Cafe also serve their special home made DragonFruit Enzyme which is only made from DragonFruits and Brown Sugar. As what is written on the bottle, this DragonFruits Enzyme is good for Detoxification, Slimming, Anti-Ageing, Blood Purification and to Ease Constipation.

Karpal Singh Drive area are so famous right now and the opening of Micmic Cafe there at Karpal Singh Drive does add another good place for us to choose to go dine in, may it be an outing with friends or even if you have a small company or group meeting, Micmic Cafe is capable to cater to your need.

Operating Hour :
Close On Monday
9.00 am - 10.00 pm

Address :
Lebuh Sungai Pinang 6,
11600 Jelutong,

Phone Number :
016 - 2069779
017 - 2361117

Facebook :

GPS Coordinate :
5.399284, 100.330975

Map :

Posted Date : 5 March 2017
Posted Time : 12.11 am