G Hotel's Afternoon Tea Photo Challenge and Food Review at 2 PM for Bloggers @ G Hotel Kelawai, Penang

By : Chha

2 PM, no it is not the time 2.00 pm, it is the carefully crafted and delicately decorated lobby lounge at G Hotel, Kelawai. 2 PM at G Hotel Kelawai or G Hotel Kelawai itself does not need any further details introduction. The name G Hotel, stylishly speaks for itself .. ! Who dono G Hotel la wei ? .. haha !

The things that i want to write about today is their Afternoon Tea at 2 PM G Hotel Kelawai. Famed for their Afternoon Tea which starts from 2.00 pm until 5.00 pm daily, 2 PM is featuring a three-tiered silver stand of new treats on the plates from this July onwards including home made scones, fruits tartlets, macarons, sliders, French pastries and a pot of tea of your choice.

My favorite from the Afternoon Tea are the fruits tartlets and macarons. The fruits tartlets just taste so good while the macarons is just perfect for me as it is not too sweet making me want to eat more ! If only i can have the whole plate of macarons for myself, haha !

These little mini burgers are unique and taste good too, Yummy ! 2 PM offers a selection of sandwiches including Salmon Bagel and Toasted Tuna Sandwich.

G Hotel Kelawai Afternoon Tea at 2 PM lounge is priced at RM 50.00 nett per set for two persons' sharing portion. G Hotel actually twisted the food review this time and set up a challenge for us bloggers to participate in, now this is interesting !! The challenge is actually a fun-filled Afternoon Tea Photo Challenge where we are required to make our own three-tier afternoon tea set by filling up our plates with food provided by G Hotel such as Slider with Taco buns, Cranberry scones, cheese sausage puffs, chicken slice croissant sandwiches, tuna mayo on roasted baguettes, mini fruits tartlets, macarons and cakes. These items are the standard items included for the Afternoon Tea promotion that is offered by G Hotel currently.

So, what do you think of my self-decorated three-tier afternoon tea set ? haha ! Nice right ? hahaha ! So, once completed with this three-tier afternoon tea set, we were challenged to showcase our food arrangement creativity by arranging the food on the plate and place it on the tier then decorate it with 10 types of garnishing such as Pandan leaves, Butterfly Pea flowers, mixed fruits like Strawberry, canned mandarin orange, canned lychee and many more !




For me, i like to keep it simple and to showcase more on the main food itself, therefore i only add very minimum decoration to it, haha !

It is really interesting and fun to be given the chance for me to decorate my own three-tier afternoon tea, haha !

By nightfall, 2 PM transforms into an evening gathering of friends sharing bites such as Togarishi Rings from G Hotel Kelawai new menu, with the deep fried squid rings are dusted with togarishi and served with wasabi mayo. The menu also feature Chicken In Basket, Lamg And Potato, Crab And Mango and Filet Mignon Crostini of beef slices grilled to perfection and topped on garlic crostini and tomato chutney.

G Hotel also serve some refreshing beverages as well, my favorite is this Pomegranate Mojito. It is refreshing and the alcohol quantity in this Pomegranate Mojito is not high making it perfect for me, lovely !

For Booking Or Furher Information :
04 - 2190000 (G Hotel Kelawai)

Afternoon Tea :
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm (Daily)
RM 50.00 nett / set (Two Persons' Sharing Portion)

Address :
G Hotel Kelawai
2 Persiaran Maktab,
10250 Penang,

Email :

Webpage :

GPS Coordinate :
5.435498, 100.309963

Map :

Posted Date : 15 July 2017
Posted Time : 8.59 pm