The Book Sandwich Cafe @ Beach Street, Penang

By : Chha (A-1353)

The Book Sandwich Cafe, Beach Street, Penang

This place look familiar, if not mistaken, it used to be Favorite Cafe but is not renovated and change into The Book Sandwich Cafe.

The Book Sandwich Cafe bring fresh new look to the shop here. You can either walk in from The Book Sandwish Cafe or The Book Restaurant, it both lead you to the same place as it is connected in the middle, haha !

The place here is really nice, i like how it is decorated and there are a lot of seating place.

The Book Signature Soup RM 26.80

An all time flavored creamy soup with salmon, prawn, scallop clams, lemongrass, saffron and julienne vegetables. I love this soup very much, it is tasty ! The clams is so big inside the soup but the two stick of biscuit i think is not crunchy, it is a bit soft.

Succulent Lobster Sandwich RM 40.80

An all time favorite lobster chunks with fruits salad, cashew nut in mayonnaise served with mixed green and potato chips. This is a very filling plate of Lobster Sandwich, the size is big with sandwich, lobster and salad all in one plate.

Don't be disappointed like i do when you try to eat the meat off the lobster and to realize that there is only shell more than lobster meat, haha ! The meat is actually inside the Sandwich already. just grab the sandwich and start munch in. The sandwich is full with ingredient inside of it, the best i like is the cashew nut. A must try when visit The Book Sandwich Cafe !

Lobster Marinara Pasta RM 40.80

A classic style with baby lobster, Tomato Concasse and cheese, Yet another very flavorful and tasty dish to order, the pasta is well cooked and the Lobster is full with meat inside.

Milkshake RM 13.80

This cup of Milkshake is made from combination of Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate ! The drinks is so concentrated making it tasty .. not too sweet, not too bland ! Just good enough for me.

Rating :
Food : 9/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 4/10

Operating Hour :
Close on Monday

Tuesday - Saturday
12.00 pm - 10.00 pm

12.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Address :
205 Lebuh Pantai,
George Town,
10300 Penang.

Facebook :

GPS Coordinate :
5.413929, 100.337877

Map :

Posted Date : 15 February 2018
Posted Time : 11.00 pm