Transportation From Penang - KL Sentral - KLIA 2

By : Chha

Many people ask me, how do i always travel from Penang - KLIA 2 without driving there myself ? Well, there are always many option to choose from, either you take a bus from Penang or you take a flight from Penang but for me, i always wanted travel to be cheap and convenient so i decide to take the KTM ETS.

Booking the KTM ETS is easy because you can do it online at KTMB Malaysia

  • Got to KTMB web page.
  • Sign up an account if you don't have one.
  • Search for train availability.
  • Select type of date, time and type of train.
  • Make payment.
There are two types of train available from the KTM ETS, which are the Platinum RM 79.00 and Gold RM 59.00. Well, i have tried both before and the only different is they will provide some light food for passenger taking the Platinum train, the rest is the same as with Gold.

So, if you are going to KLIA 2 from Penang or anywhere else, always take the KTM ETS directly until Sentral Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral). Once your reach KL Sentral take the Sky Bus to KLIA 2 which will only take about one hour drive and it is available every one hour.

How to Find Sky Bus station in KL Sentral ?
  • Once inside KL Sentral look for the escalator to the entrance of NU Sentral Shopping Mall
  • Now if you are facing the escalator there is a small walkway on your left which will lead you out from KL Sentral building.
  • Take that small walkway and turn right.
  • Once turn right, you will see an escalator going down on your left.
  • Take the escalator down and Sky Bus station + tickets counter is right in front of you
Sky Bus one way tickets directly to KLIA 2 is RM 12.00 / person.

So, it is really easy if you wish to travel like me, by yourself, to KLIA 2 to catch a flight for your next trip .. !

Posted Date : 19 April 2018
Posted Time : 12.52 pm