Le Périgord @ Burma Road, Penang

By : Chha

Le Périgord which is located at Pulau Tikus, somewhere along Burma Road is now serving Brunch ! With their brand new Brunch menu that will certainly excite you and make you wanting for more .. Le Périgord which is already well known for their tasty Lunch and Dinner is now serving Brunch for people like us that are always too late for Breakfast but still early for Lunch, haha ! Sometimes, it is a struggle for me whether to go for late Breakfast or early Lunch ? Now, all i need to do is just head on over to Le Périgord for their Brunch, haha !

First impression when i first step into Le Périgord is this place looks classy, this is definitely an awesome place for some nice dinner with a cup of good wine ! But, today, i am here to try out their Brunch, maybe will leave the Lunch for some other day.

I like this place, there are a lot of seating place, it is comfortable inside Le Périgord and specious too. Service is really good, the waitress there attend to me the moment i walk through the door and usher me to my seating place, good job !

Lava Savoury French Toast RM 17.00

Ok, now the food .. The first thing that i would like to introduce is this plate of Lava Savoury French Toast, this is what i highly recommend for you to try when you dine in Le Périgord. I really love this plate of French Toast.

When i cut it open, the salted egg sauce inside the toast ooze out like lava and the plus thing about this is, the entire toast is filled with salted egg sauce inside, every cut is filled with salted egg oozing out, tasty and this plate of Lava Savoury French Toast gets two thumbs up from me. The side is sprinkled with icing sugar and topped with fresh Raspberries.

If just by topping the French Toast with Raspberries is not enough, you can request the Chef to top it with Ice Cream but this is optional though, depending on your preference, this is just my suggestion, haha !

Pants On Fire RM 18.00

Pants On Fire .. the name is special, well i feel that the taste is special too. It is a bit spicy with chunky tomato stewed perfectly with Chorizo which is a type of pork sausage, Olives, Mushroom and Capers. There is some sourish flavour to it and it is appetizing. The bread at the side is tasty, i like the texture of the bread, it is not too hard and not too soft, these two goes really well together.

Get Rich Set RM 22.00

This plate of multi grain toast with scrambled egg on top with salad and fresh avocado at the side looks something like a Big Breakfast. I can tell that it is packed with nutrient for you to kick start your day. The fresh avocado taste good, i like it a lot, if only there are more, that would be really good for me, haha ! The multi grain toast is crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, it goes really well with the scrambled egg on top, it does have that western-breakfast kinda style, haha ! Salad at the side is also added with few slices of Le Périgord style bacon, if you like, you can also request for some Mushroom or Cherry Tomatoes as an optional add on to this Get Rich Set Brunch, haha !

Kurobuta On Buttered Rice RM 24.00

Knowing that Le Périgord is specialise in innovative preparation and curing of premium imported meats especially for the famed Kurobuta Pork, which is then further enhanced by curing, smoking, and aging, all done in house by a team of dedicated and passionate individuals whose primary focus is to turn every cut of meat into a flavour bomb that will leave you wanting for more, haha ! With that, i just have to try out their Kurobuta On Buttered Rice. Premium Pork pan grilled with Le Périgord own creation of brown sauce pair with fresh vegetables and a sunny side up egg. This combination goes well with Le Périgord signature buttered rice. The Kurobuta Pork is tasty .. i like it ..

Pumpkin Soup



Mocktale | Enigma

If you are a fan of Mocktail, here at Le Périgord they are also serving Premium Pre-Mixed Mocktail beverages from Mocktale. It is Non-Alcoholic and with Minimal glucose content. The one that i tried is Enigma which is a mix of lime and strawberry. The sour taste of the lime is really appetizing, it is giving me the appetite to eat more at Le Périgord, haha ! But i feel the Strawberry taste from the mocktail is mild and the Lime taste overwhelm it.

May it be a two people Brunch at Le Périgord, a group of people for Lunch or even a customized private Dinner Event, Le Périgord is able to serve you with good food and to enable you to host your event with style up to 80 people at once. With the help from Customates Events and Design, Le Périgord is able to transform their space into your dream event with nice decoration for birthday, cake table or even dessert bar.

Operating Hour :
Close on Monday
Tuesday - Sunday
9.00 am - 3.00 pm (for Brunch)
5.30 pm - 10.00 pm

Address :
Tingkat Satu,
Burma Road,
Pulau Tikus,

Facebook :

Telephone :
012 - 9199885

GPS Coordinate :
5.428310, 100.314455

Map :

Posted Date : 23 June 2018
Posted Time : 3.47 am