Coffee Smith @ Maritime Piazza, Karpal Singh Drive, Penang

By : Chha

Coffee Smith : Fresh Brew Only

Firstly, looking for this cafe at the Karpal Singh Drive is not hard. It can be easily spotted as it has a big .. really big sign board outside the cafe.

Walking into this cafe is like walking into another country, well, that's what piglets felt like when doing so .. as if like we are walking into England .. maybe right ? haha !

Then we were walking and walking .. until we found a suitable place to sit and realize that the table is actually made out of a sewing machine .. ahh !

Piglets were so ... like ... you know, piglets ... so we have to snap the photo of the table .. haha ! The waitress there were prompt in bringing us the menu which look like pieces of newspaper .. hmm ..

It does feels like an evening at a garden somewhere in England sipping aromatic coffee enjoying the evening wind blow while reading a newspaper. Ain't it ?

But this newspaper-like-menu is not just any ordinary menu .. its written in MANDARIN !! Piglets fail big time ..... !! haha .. there are some english description written on the menu, but most of it are in mandarin .... so basically piglets just order the food by pointing randomly ...

Though it is just a random pick of food from the menu, surprisingly all the food turns out great. Its tasty, looks nice, smells great and most importantly ... their serving speed .. 15 minutes top to serve all food, great job !!

Benedict Egg with Hollandaise Sausage RM 24.00

The tasty, watery Benedict Egg

Hokkaido Scallops Cream Noodle RM 22.00

Banana Chocolate RM 12.00

Service Charge

No. 29C-01-11
Maritime Piazza
Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5
11600, Georgetown, Penang.

Contact Number

Posted Date : 13 October 2014
Posted Time : 09.26 pm