Restaurant Green Planet | 金星面食糖水屋 @ Chai Leng Park, Seberang Jaya

By : Chha

There is a street in Chai Leng Park, Seberang Jaya where people call it the Food Street or more commonly known as Wai Sek Kai by the locals here. This street is full of tasty food. There is this one Restaurant here along Wai Sek Kai that also serve some nice Chinese food that you can try on. Restaurant Green Planet is located somewhere alone the Wai Sek Kai street. They serve some tasty KL Style Hokkien Noodles or commonly known as Stir-fried Tai Lok Mee, there are also Moonlight Noodle (Yut Kwong Hor) and some Aiyu jelly (愛玉冰 - Ai Yu Bing) to quench your thirst.

I like the environment here and the food is good too. So if you happen to be around Seberang Jaya, why not hop on over to Restaurant Green Planet for dinner ? Oh, by the way, this place is only open at night ..

Address :
Lebuh Kurau 5 (Chai Leng Park)
13700 Perai, Pulau Pinang

GPS Coordinate :
5.386637, 100.391267

Map :

Posted Date : 7 June 2018
Posted Time : 12.02 am