Egg Bun | Gyeran-Ppang (계란빵) @ Seoul, South Korea

By : Chha

Food is always the main items people look for after a tiring day of travelling, agree ? haha, disagree ? haha ! Well, it is definitely a YES for me. This next post that i am going to write is for my visit to Seoul, Korea. We were suppose to go for Korea famous Bonjuk or Porridge as we call it which is located around Ewha Womans University but disappointed because it was closed !

So we continue walking until we come to this area where it looks something like a common area which looks comfortable like a small mini park for people to sit and enjoy the nice cold wind blowing while talking to friends and family.

We notice that there are food stalls by the road side, selling various food. I tried a few and feel that its nice especially this Egg Bun. In Korea, they call this the Gyeran-Ppang (계란빵) but i call this the Egg Bun because it is made of Egg and Bun with some Cheese, haha !

This is a sweet, steamy, hot and fluffy little loaf of bun with a whole egg inside. It’s sold by street vendors all over Korea.

The aroma of the Egg Bun is really tempting especially with the cold weather here in Korea at that time. A hot Egg Bun like this taste really superb, haha ! Not only that, the Egg Bun is really tasty itself (not taking weather into consideration, haha !). The nice taste of the cheese and perfectly cooked egg in the bus is really yummy .. !

Egg Bun KRW 1000

Getting There

There are few different place where you can find this Egg Bun in Korea because this is a common street food. The one i tried is just a small van by the road side heading towards Ewha Womans University.

First, I took a subway and exit at Ewha Womans University Station, Exit 2. Then, turn left and walk straight for about 100 meters. The small van is on the left.

Map :

Visited : April 2015
Season : Spring

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Posted Date : 5 September 2016

Posted Time : 3.35 pm