[Thailand 9D8N] Day 1 : Bangkok

By : Chha

Laugh Laugh Laugh all you can, yes, i admit that this is the first time i am visiting Bangkok, haha ! Some people that i've talked to are some how surprise that i've never been to Bangkok just because i am staying near to Thailand boarder. No money, how to visit ? haha ! Well eventually, i managed to land on Bangkok and now i can see why people keep coming back to Bangkok, Thailand. The food, the shopping and the people ! Well, I took a flight directly to Bangkok from Penang International Airport and landed at Don Mueang International Airport at night, so there are not much things to do or see on my first day there.

Phone SIM Card.

I am not sure how useful it is to get a SIM Card when travelling in Bangkok but the moment i exit the arrival hall, there are many sales person from different shops there selling phone SIM Card just right outside of the arrival hall. So if you are planning to get a SIM Card, you can get it here at the airport and i notice that there are one shop that actually help their customer to do setting and to change their SIM Card.

Recommended Sim Card : 
Happy Tourist 299
- Cost 299.00 baht
- Free 7 day unlimited Internet (Maximum speed of up to 1.5 GB)
- Free 100.00 baht call credit
- Special international call rate via 00400

Getting To The Shops At Airport :
  • Walk out from arrival hall.
  • Turn right, the shops are on your right.
Getting Out From Airport To The Nearest BTS Station.

Taking the BTS is the easiest and most convenient way to move around Bangkok City. May it be to get to your hotel, food or shopping. So from Airport i took the BMTA Bus to the nearest BTS Station. There are two route from the BMTA Bus

A1 Route : (Every 5 Minutes)
Don Mueang Airport - Mo Chit BTS Station

A2 Route : (Every 30 Minutes)
Don Mueang Airport - Victory Monument BTS Station

Rate :
30.00 baht

Operating Hour :
7.00 am - 12.00 am

Location :
Bus stand is right in front of the airport.

Buy Tickets :
Pay for tickets when on the bus.

So once you are at the BTS station, it is actually easy for you to move around to your next location that you wish to go.

Buying Tickets At BTS Station

At BTS Station, there is actually no counter that sells tickets. All tickets need to be purchased from the tickets machine. The tickets machine only accept coins but no worry, there are counters for you to change your money to coins. So what you need to do next after getting enough coin for your BTR trip.
  • Beside the tickets machine, there is a BTS route map with pricing provided which is written in circle next to the BTS Station name.
  • Find the station that you want to stop at
  • Then see the pricing next to it, example Chit Lom 30
  • Then at the tickets machine press the button 30 and make sure it light up.
  • Insert coin into the machine until it reach 30 baht
  • You tickets will automatically come out. Take your tickets and you are ready to go !
  • Tickets machine do return change.

Well for my first stop once i leave airport is, of course, to look for hostel to stay for the night. The hostel that i stay is at Fun Wan Hostel Bangkok. Along my way on Sukhumvit Soi 11 street heading towards Fun Wan Hostel Bengkok, i can see a lot of restaurants, pubs and bars along the way. Which is kinda happening for my opinion.

After checking in to Fun Wan Hostel Bangkok, i decided to go visit Asiatique The Riverfront since the night is still young, haha ! As i was on my way to Asiatique I make few stops once a while to get some street food along Sukhumvit Soi 11 to eat as i was already starving at that time.

Thai Pork Barbecue 20.00 baht

Chicken Drumstick 30.00 baht

I had my dinner at Asiatique The Riverfront, there are a lot of things to buy and food to eat there. I spend quite some time walking around Asiatique The Riverfront looking at stuff and looking for suitable yummy food to satisfy my hungry tummy, hahaha ! After visiting Asiatique i take my own sweet time getting back to Fun Wan Hostel for a good night sleep.

Visited : December 2016

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Posted Date : 18 January 2017
Posted Time : 4.25 pm