Hiking Penang Hill (Route 2 - Scenic Route) @ Penang Hill, Penang

By : Chha

As mention before, if you are interested in hiking up Penang Hill, there are few different route to choose from. For other hiking route up to Penang Hill you can always check out my other blog post HERE under hiking section. If you only want to travel up to Penang Hill for their Scenic View without hiking you can also view my other blog post HERE, haha ! So many link to crunch, haha ! Anyway, this post i would like to introduce a different route to all you hikers out there, haha !

This route start from the Penang Hill Railway Lower Station. So how to find the starting point ? There is a food court and a car park in the same building just outside of the Lower Railway Station, beside that food court there is a road that leads to housing area. Take that road and walk until you see condominium on your left and a dead end i front. There is a small entrance on the right, which does not even looks like a road, haha ! Start hiking from there.

Note : My advice, get someone who is familiar hiking using this route, if you are not sure, please don't go by yourself. Always get someone with knowledge and experience on the route.

This route leading to top of Penang Hill is very scenic for my opinion. I like the view from here where i can see part of Penang Island.

The route here is not really hard to climb, it is more like walking up hill. I would say, 90% of the walk is on proper road. There is motorcycle going up and down using this road as there are farms around here.

Along the way, i can see some farm with vegetables and fruits. There is also a bee farm here too, haha !

Half way through the hike there is a rest area next to a small temple. I take a few minutes rest here before continue my hike. View from here is awesome too.

After this point, the proper road starts to come to an end and it is more to mountain road that i need to hike through.

This mountain road does not last long, it end by connecting back to the tar road that comes from Penang Botanical Garden.

Congratulation ! Yay, after 3 hours of slow hike, i finally reach Penang Hill, haha ! Penang Hill is as awesome as ever with lots of beautiful flowers and nice local food to eat.

Hahaha, Cendol again, always my favorite when hiking Penang Hill.

For me, i think that Penang Hill is forever changing, there is always something new added or maybe something old taken away at Penang Hill each time i visit. This round, there is this lover lane thing, haha ! You will need to pay to walk in here and take photo. Even selfies from outside is not allowed .. !

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Posted Date : 18 April 2017
Posted Time : 12.25 pm