NU Sentral Celebrates 3rd Year Anniversary | Nom Nom Nom Nu Turns 3 @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By : Chha

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary NU Sentral !!

It was on 15 April 2017, NU Sentral Celebrates their 3rd Year Anniversary and i was there for their celebration where a lot of Food And Beverage outlet also join in for NU Sentral 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration. For those of you who might not know about NU Sentral, NU Sentral is actually a lifestyle Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur which is positioned as the first transumer, short for transit consumer, lifestyle retail mall in Malaysia. NU Sentral offers a combination of connectivity, convenience and convergence to meet the ever changing needs of retailers and consumers. NU Sentral's ideal location is naturally enhanced by direct connectivity to Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur and KL Sentral Monorail Station. It is actually very convenient for me to travel from Penang to NU Sentral Shopping Mall by taking the Electric Train Service (ETS) as the ETS train stop directly at Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur which is connected to NU Sentral Shopping Mall. If you are going to NU Sentral from around Kuala Lumpur then you can always take Uber.

NU Sentral shows its appreciation towards the media by collaborating with its prominent Food And Beverage tenants to treat the media to a day of food-filled fun. We were given the opportunity to explore the 8 levels shopping mall leisurely and stop by to eat at participating Food And Beverage tenants outlets. There are total of 20 participating Food And Beverage tenants from NU Sentral and i basically spend my entire day Nom Nom Nom all the way, haha ! At the end of the day, i was bloated .. hahaha !

The Food And Beverage outlets ranges from those who features local food such as Aroma Village, La Cucur, PappaRich, Teh Tarik Place and The Chicken Rice Shop to western food such as Hoagies Haus, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, The Manhattan FISH MARKET, Paddington House of Pancakes and BUILT Custom Burgers.

Aroma Village :

Level : L5, 12
Operating Hour : Daily, 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Category : Restaurant / Cafe
More Info : Aroma Village Review (in progress)

Aroma Village serve authentic peranakan and malaysian cuisines which is rich in traditional flavors, spices and aroma. I would say that the food here is aroma-licious, haha !

Nyonya Curry Laksa RM 14.90

Roti Jala With Kari Kapitan RM 12.90

La Cucur :

Level : LG, 38
Operating Hour : Daily, 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Phone : 013 - 3658121
Category : Restaurant / Cafe
More Info : La Cucur Review (in progress)

La Cucur is selling local Malay traditional kuih and delicacies from states within Malaysia such as Nasi Tomato, Laksa Utara, Mee Rebus and Soto Ayam to name a few. This indirectly making La Cucur heading towards achieving its objective to maintain the Malay Food heritage and tradition of Malaysia.

Traditional Malay Kuih RM 1.10 ~ RM 6.50

There are also Korean, Japanese, Chinese and fusion dishes being featured during NU Sentral 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration by few of their participating Food And Beverage outlets such as B.bap Korean Food, DubuYo, Sushi Tei, Dolly Dim Sum, Franco, Secrets Recipe and The Gravy Factory.

B.bap Korean Food :

Level : GF, 08
Operating Hour : Daily, 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Phone : 03 - 28569719
Category : Restaurant / Cafe

B.bap Korean Foods is a fuss free place for a quick Korean meal. The menu is rather concise, spotting an array of Bi Bim Baps, Korean Pancakes, Tteokbokki, Ramyeon and Jap Chae. B.bap Korean Food brings halal Korean food with a modern fusion twist.

Korean Green Tea (Hot : RM 4.00, Cold : RM 4.50)

Bol Sot Bi Bim Bap Octopus

Seafood Pancake

Tteok Bokki

Dolly Dim Sum :

Level : LG, 43
Operating Hour : Daily, 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Phone : 03 - 22731450
Category : Restaurant / Cafe
Website : Dolly Dim Sum
More Info : Dolly Dim Sum Review (in progress)

Dolly Dim Sum is a modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese teahouse. It is a contemporised dim sum house that offers an all day grazing experience, specialising in authentic dim sum.

Har Gao Dumpling
(Classic Prawn 'Har Gao' Dumpling)

Yam Croquette
(Filled with diced flavoured meat, mushroom and peas)

Franco :

Level : L3, 06-07
Operating Hour : Daily, 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Category : Restaurant / Cafe
More Info : Franco Review (in progress)

Franco bringing fusion concept of French-Japanese casual dining, Franco sets out to excite your taste buds with a whole new dining experience. Savour the taste and quality of fine dining in a casual setting at Franco.

Adzuki Red Bean And Jelly

Franco French Toast

After all my heavy meals at all those participating outlets, i take my time to sit back and relax to enjoy beverages and deserts by La Juiceria and Milkshake Factory.

La Juiceria :

Level : LG, 44
Operating Hour : Daily, 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Phone : ‪ 03 - 22765728
Category : Snack And Dessert
Website : La Juiceria
More Info : La Juiceria Review (in progress)

La Juiceria believe in a different approach in making the perfect juice. The cold pressed way. It allows La Juiceria to protect the nutrients and flavor of raw fruits and vegetables that La Juiceria bring into their juicers. No added preservatives, color or flavor which nature didn't put there. Taste the difference of life changing pure juice from nature.

Watermelon Slush

Chlorophyll Water

Milkshake Factory :

Level : L5, 13
Operating Hour : Daily, 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Phone : 017 - 6111519
Category : Snack And Dessert
More Info : Milkshake Factory Review (in progress)

Milkshake Factory aims to to provide everyone the rights to enjoy the perfect mixtures of a milkshake. The new homemade chocolate milkshakes, thirst quenching smoothies and signature sandwiches were made for everyone to savor. These Milkshakes, Smoothies and Sandwiches were made with Love and Passion by a stunning vibrant team of Milkshake Engineers. You can never be sad, with a milkshake in your hand.

Coconut Shake RM 6.90

There are so many things to eat and so many outlets to shop from. It would take me more than one day if i were to eat all the food and visit all the shops here. It was really fun to be part of NU Sentral's Anniversary Celebration and a big THANK YOU to NU Sentral for inviting me over for such and awesome event and also a big THANK YOU to all the participating outlets for all the wonderful food and drinks ..

Address :
NU Sentral Shopping Mall
No. 201 Jalan Tun Sambanthan
50470 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinate :
3.133382, 101.686826

Map :

Posted Date : 17 April 2017

Posted Time : 11.44 pm