Hiking Pantai Kerachut @ Penang National Park, Penang

By : Chha

There is actually two route that i know of in getting to Pantai Kerachut by hiking. One route is by taking the Telok Kampi route. Another one is taking the direct route to Pantai Kerachut. The direct route to Pantai Kerachut is actually not hard to climb, i would recommend this route to any beginner who would love to start hiking.

The route is a bit long, which it takes me around 3 hours 59 minutes to hike up and back again with distance around 8.05 km.

Distance And Time Covered

Route Covered

Starting part i feel is the toughest part if you are a beginner. After a while, the route become easier to hike. There are some big steps, rocks and tree trunk that you might need to climb over, but over all, it is still ok.

What i like about hiking up to Pantai Kerachut is the amazing beach view at the end. It is something like, sweet reward at the end, haha !

The sky, the beach and the sea, everything is just so perfect .. !

Pantai Kerachut Meromictic Lake

Meromictic Lake has layers of water that do not intermix. Which i don't really understand how this little lake here at Pantai Kerachut is categorize as a Meromictic Lake, haha ! Anyway, the view of the dries up lake and mountain looks nice. Here at Pantai Kerachut the rest area is limited unlike Money Beach. So if you are reach Pantai Kerachut early, then you can find a nice rest spot to rest and enjoy the sea view, haha ! Here you can actually do camping as well, there is a proper camp site further into Pantai Kerachut area, the entrance to the camp site is only a small road, you might need to ask people there to find it.

If you are only there for awhile and will be hiking down on the same day, you can also visit the Turtle Conservation Centre, there you can see some small turtle and big turtle, but it all depends on your luck, the turtles may not be there everyday. If you are not a fans of hiking, you can also take boat from Penang National Park directly to Pantai Kerachut which only take around 15 minutes and cost RM 100.00 per boat per trip. If to and back from Pantai Kerachut to Penang National Park, is RM 200.00 per boat. One boat can up to around 10 people.

Posted Date : 02 May 2017
Posted Time : 10.03 pm


  1. How do we take the contact number to book the camp site over the pantai kerachut?

    1. hi kenny san,

      I am not sure about this because i never went camping there before .. maybe u can try google for it, maybe there is a chance u might find the number there ? really sorry that i can't help in this .. maybe i can try get it for u too, if next time i visit here for hiking again ..

    2. hi kenny san,

      i google search and found this number, maybe u can try .. +604-8813500


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