AirAsia X "Fly High & Get Rewarded" : Trip to the amazing country Myanmar

By : Chha

When i first receive the email regarding AirAsia X "Fly High & Get Rewarded" contest for the public which is for us bloggers to write about our experience traveling with AirAsia X, it got me thinking .. what are the different between AsiaAsia and AirAsia X ? I have been flying with AirAsia for many years now, i have been to many places with AirAsia. My experience with AirAsia for all these years has been great ! If i were to write about all my destination with AirAsia, it will take me days to finish and the post will be super long, haha ! Anyway, for this post, i am choosing Myanmar ! The reason why i choose Myanmar is simply because Myanmar is an awesome country to visit.

When i first decided to go travel Myanmar, i didn't know where i want to visit. As a free and easy solo backpacker like me, i just wish to take my time and travel without rush. So i went online and start searching for flight tickets with AirAsia. Even with a tight budget, with AirAsia flight, i am able to travel to the places i wish to go. Online flight booking with AirAsia was done without any problem and with ease i am able to buy my tickets in just few minutes time.

AirAsia always offer interesting flight route to interesting places. Going to Myanmar i need to make an over night transit at KLIA2 from Penang Airport. Visiting Myanmar is really interesting, my first stop at Myanmar is in the city of Yangon. I spend a day in Yangon visiting some of their beautiful Temples and Pagoda. One of those famous must visit Pagoda is the Shwedagon Pagoda. Its design is so unique and it is also the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar. From Yangon, i travel directly to Inle Lake by taking over night bus which is comfortable to ride in.

Compare to Yangon, Inle Lake is another level of beauty all together it is a freshwater lake located in the Nyaungshwe Township which is far far away from the busy city of Yangon. Here the weather is not as hot as in Yangon and less cars driving around on the street. Nyaungshwe Township is the nearest town to Inle Lake. This area is not a big place but i spend two days here just to enjoy its beautiful view and sunset from the Red Mountain where the Vineyards and Winery are located. People come to the Red Mountin Vineyard to enjoy wonderful wine and awesome sunset scenery. It is kinda romantic actually, haha ! The special thing about Inle Lake is their fisherman where they will fish while standing on one leg balancing at the far end of their boat. This is really something different. The tow major activity that most tourist would do here is taking the boat trip in Inle Lake or cycling around Inle Lake. I did both, which is super awesome !

I feel reluctant to leave Inle Lake even after staying two days there, enjoying my own sweet time cycling around, sipping on wine and enjoying the sunset. Life just feels so calm here, haha ! But then i continue my journey to Bagan, Myanma. I only manage to find a normal bus tickets, so there is no more VIP, comfortable, overnight bus ride to go to Bagan for me. The bus condition is still manageable but the road is bumpy. Journey to Bagan fron Inle Lake takes me one whole day to reach, by the time i reach Bagan, it is already in the late evening. Once i reach Bagan, i look for backpacker hostel, take my dinner and call it a day.

It was at 5.00 am in the morning when i wake up the next day to go and see what is said to be the best and most beautiful sunrise in Myanmar. I choose the most famous Shwesandaw Pagoda to climb up there for its killing view to see the sunrise. Honestly, it is all worth it .. ! With hot-air balloon flying over the Pagoda and the big beautiful sun rising from far. The view is .. awesome, i am speechless just stand in awe of the beautiful mother nature !

Sunrise and sunset in Bagan are the two major things tourist should witness base on my opinion. Other than that, Bagan is all about Pagoda ! There are hundreds or maybe thousand of Pagoda here, ranging from those small Pagodas to those giant big Pagodas. That is the reason why i call Bagan, the City of Pagodas !! haha .. ! I spend two days here riding on an E-Bike that i rent from my hostel to go visit all the Pagodas in Bagan.

After being over loaded with Pagodas for two days in Bagan, i finally decided to go back to Yangon and to sums up my Myanmar trip, i make a day trip to Bago which i think is the hidden gem of Myanmar. Not many tourist know about this place. During my visit, i don't think i saw any tourist around here ! Bago is located 91 kilometres north-east of Yangon. Bago does not have much attraction so a day trip here is more than enough. In Bago, the most famous place to visit is the Shwemawdaw Pagoda, it was packed with locals during my visit. The Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace in Bago used to be a Palace but is now turned into a Museum and it also features amazing Myanmar architecture. The Palace building is in Gold Colour and it is really amazing how people from the past can build such a beautiful place and the architecture is unique !

Posted Date : 16 July 2017
Posted Time : 8.48 am