Good Taste Restaurant @ Sungai Rambai, Bukit Mertajam

By : Chha

I always wanted to find a restaurant where i am able to order different Chinese dish then eat it with rice and hope that their price is not that expensive, haha ! Being the 'Rice Bucket' me, that is what Chinese people always say, haha ! I just love eating rice, haha !

I found this Good Taste Restaurant which is located at Sungai Rambai, Bukit Mertajam area. They are serving nice good food at affordable price, i like the food there, especially their 'Asam Laksa Fish' dish.

Asam Laksa Fish

I love this plate of Asam Laksa Fish. The taste of the Asam Laksa is so sour and spicy at the same time, making it perfect for me, haha ! I like it ..

Fried Egg with Bitter Gourd

Fried Egg with Bitter Gourd tasted average but is still acceptable for me.

Pork and Groundnut Soup

The Pork and Groundnut Soup is a little bit oily but it taste good. The soup is so well cooked that the pork meat in it is tasteless because the taste of the pork meat is perfectly blend in with the soup, making the soup taste good.

Grass Jelly (Cincau) Milk

I recommend this, it is like a must try in my list, the Grass Jelly Milk. The Grass Jelly just taste so perfect in Milk. Unlike the usual Soya with Grass Jelly, the milk is making the whole cup of drinks so tasty, i like it !

Rating :
Food : 8/10
Environment : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 5/10

Operating Hour :
Tuesday - Sunday
11.00 am - 3.00 pm
5.30 pm - 11.00 pm

Address :
2&4, Lorong Tembikai 6,
Kawasan Perniagaan Sungai Rambai,
14000 Bukit Mertajam,
Pulau Pinang

Telephone :
016 - 4885280

GPS Coordinate :
5.357693, 100.448002

Map :

Posted Date : 1 July 2017
Posted Time : 2.46 am