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Recently, a friend ask me to write him a brief introduction about myself and my blog to be featured in his page. I was over the moon when he told me about this, haha ! I am really happy, glad and feel appreciate that he want to feature me in his page. To many, maybe this is just a small matter but for me, its a big deal, haha ! (^.^) So, i did, i wrote a not-so-brief introduction of myself and my blog and the write up was posted up at Penang Travel Tips

Anyway, i copy the entire post and share it here again ..

Jay Chha of Pinky Piglet Land

© Jay Chha

Hi, ok! How should I start this? My name is Jay, well this sound so awkward, too formal perhaps, haha! Anyway, in blogging, people know me as Jay Chha from Penang. I am the owner of Pinky Piglet Land (https://pinkypigletland.blogspot.com). The main focus of my blog is on Food, some Travel and Entertainment. So if you would like to know where to eat ? Where to go ? And what to do ? Feel free to visit my blog, like my Facebook page @jaychhablog (https://www.facebook.com/jaychhablog) or follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/jaychha). I can be reach via Email (pinkypigletland@yahoo.com).

My Blogging Life :

I started blogging back in year 1997, the time where the word blog was not even popularly used. The first post that I wrote is more about my personal life, something like a diary of what I did daily and I hosted it on geocities.com which is no longer available right now. Writing HTML code using geocities.com was really troublesome, so from then, I am constantly in search for a more user friendly platform to post my write up. It was on Thursday, 11 December 2008 where I stumble upon Blogger which was known as Blogspot before they were bought over by Google from Pyra Labs. There I continue writing my blog as my personal diary until I meet a Foodie friend, haha ! Then we both started Pinky Piglet Land on Monday, 17 May 2010.

Pinky Piglet Land :

The history of Piglet's Land goes way back into year 2009 where it started off initially with me and my friend who love to travel and hunt for food. After awhile, we feel that the photo that we took during our food hunt and traveling is taking up a lot of space in our hard disk without serving any purpose. Then we thought, why not we share our photos with the world ? Therefore in year 2010, which is when we write our first post for this blog. We officially started Pinky Piglet Land.

Why The Name Pinky Piglet Land ?

Haha, many people ask me, whats up with the name ? Haha ! Ok, my blogging friend used to call me Piglets because I was really fat back then. I love to eat and sleep most of the time, haha ! Typical piglets right ? The name got stuck with me though I am not as fat as I used to be after many years of heavy work out and strict diet. Me and my blogging friend thought that, piglets would be the best way for us to represent ourselves as someone who love to eat in the blog and since pink piglets is cute, we end up using the name Pinky Piglet Land.

Blogging as Myself, Jay Chha :

Pinky Piglet Land blog start to change direction on Monday, 10 August 2015 when my blogging friend decided to leave blogging in Pinky Piglet Land to pursue something else more important. Ever since then, I am taking full charge of the blog myself and started changing it to my own blog. I started changing the blog design, the blog writing method and even taken away the name Pinky Piglet Land and name it after myself as Jay Chha.

Blogging and taking photos has always been something that I love doing. Sharing food hunt information with people, giving ideas on traveling, providing tips on places for entertainment and meeting new people along the way is always fun. It is something that I see myself doing for many more years to come.

I am always open for collaboration, review, advertorial and events write up. Feel free to drop a comment or two at my Facebook and Blog or drop me an Email. Looking forward to hear from you all soon.

Facebook @jaychhablog : https://www.facebook.com/jaychhablog
Email : pinkypigletland@yahoo.com

Posted Date : 14 July 2017

Posted Time : 12.34 am