[7D6N] Day 4 - Hiking Mount Rinjani | Peak @ Lombok, Indonesia

By : Chha

Wake up 2am in the morning for our second day of  hiking Mount Rinjani. The camp site is dark and cold but luckily the wind were not blowing that strong like the night before. Had a quick breakfast and off we go, for our second day of hiking and to conquer the peak of Mount Rinjani.

Remember to pack some light food for the hike. I did bring an apple just in case i gets hungry during the hike and hell yah, i did .. second day hike is no joke ! I start hiking at 2.30 am and only finish hiking at 2.30 pm .. 12 hours of hiking up to the peak of Mount Rinjani and back down to camp site again. I was starving, exhausted and freezing cold. I almost gave up the hike twice ! It was at the final hike up to the peak that i give in to the toughness of the hike. I can't even feel my legs anymore and it feels like as if i have no control over my body. It was my friends that keep motive me to keep moving regardless of how many times i told them "No, this is it, i am done .. i am going back down". Thanks to their determination in making sure that i reach the peak, i finally did it .. and i am proud to say, I WAS AT THE PEAK OF MOUNT RINJANI !

Now, the second problem .. going back down the mountain .. T.T Ok, now let me break it down for you, the thing is like this .. ! Hiking Mount Rinjani is really not easy, especially going up the peak. When i start hiking, it was 2.30 am in the morning. I can't see anything as it is dark so i need a head lamp. The moment the hike start, it is all going up hill for about few minutes and the leg sore from the day before is making my legs weak and it gets tired easily even though it was just few minutes of walking up hill. The route then becomes harder with a lot of steps like ladders going up up and up, some you might even have to climb up using your hand while holding on to rocks and pushing yourself up, the difficulty level just went from 50% the day before to 80% now.

After that the route become even more tough, it feels like as if it suddenly become 'Beast Mode' of hiking .. difficulty level 100%. The route is full with small rocks, sand and the the route is really steep making it really hard to hike. The grip of my hiking shoes keep slipping backwards because of the small loose rock and sand. It feels like walking 3 steps but you only move 1 step forward. At this point of the hike two hiking stick is really needed to prevent slip and to help make the hike 1% easier, haha ! I use two hiking stick but the hike is still hard but it help greatly for me to balance myself as there is nothing to grab at the side if you happen to fall, as i did, i fall few times and landed on my butt ! Oh before i forget, remember your face mask, wear them at all time .. ! haha ..

The hike become tougher as it gets nearer to the peak. The path becomes smaller and more dangerous. As the loose rocks are making the mountain slippery, you can easily slip and fall. The wind is seriously strong up there, it feels like as if i will be blown away by the wind at any time so i have to make sure that every steps of my hike is firm. If you are taking photos like me, make sure you hold you phone or camera firmly, the wind might blow it away .. !

Even though the hiking part is really tough, but the view up here is really amazing, it is worth all the pain and suffer just to get up here for this amazing view !

And here is the Rinjani Volcano which is still active.

I was already starving even before reaching the peak of Mount Rinjani and so the moment i reach camp site after the hike, i was overjoy when i see food. We were suppose to pack our bag and continue hiking down right after our meal but none of us were able to move after that. We were all exhausted so we discuss with our guide and decided to stay one more night here at this camp site. Luckily our hike is a 4 days 3 nights package so we still have some extra time to rest. Imagine those who took 3 days and 2 nights, they must rush to hike back down by now, even after the brutal take on the peak of Mount Rinjani.

Well, i am not sure about the others but i definitely sleep early after dinner. I have completely drain out all my energy on the second day of the hike but i still have two more days to go .. ! This hike is now moving into the stage where mental strength is much more important than physical strength. At this point, my body is totally helpless .. it is just my mind that keep telling me to hold on ! Hang On, HANG ON, HANG THE F*** ON !!!!!!!!!

Visited : July 2017

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Posted Date : 27 August 2017
Posted Time : 8.16 pm