[7D6N] Day 5 - Hiking Mount Rinjani | Hot Spring @ Lombok, Indonesia

By : Chha

Waking up after a good night sleep makes me feel really fresh. Rest is really important at times like this .. !

Waking up to this type of amazing view is really awesome !

Simple breakfast to fuel us with the energy to continue hiking down from Mount Rinjani.

The route down today is still tough and yet dangerous. There is no proper road for us to walk or hike, the entire route is just rocks and walking alongside the cliff which is kinda dangerous. If you slip and fall, it will cause serious injury.

We were all kinda concern about the route we took to hike down, therefore we hike really slow making sure that every step we take is strong and firm to avoid slip. After few hours of slow hike down, we finally come to a more safe and flat ground. Here is where we had our lunch .. !

It was when i thought the danger of hiking along the cliff is over, during lunch, there is another danger, monkeys ! hahaha ! There are here for food too .. hahaha ! but don't you worry, the porter will help you to chase them off, hahaha ! I am just exaggerating the scenario there, haha ! Those wild monkeys there are not really dangerous, you will just need to be careful with your food, but no worry, the porter will help you to chase them off, haha !

After lunch, it is time to continue our hike down but it was not for long, we reach the lake site of Mount Rinjani.

The lake here is beautiful and here is also where the volcano of Mount Rinjani is .. ! We were here to enjoy the view and rest for awhile then take a short detour to a somehow hidden Hot Spring and Waterfall.

You might need to walk a bit off the main route in order to reach this Hot Spring and Waterfall. The walk here is a bit tough too but it is worth the extra hard work. The Hot Spring water is not too hot for me and it is really comfortable. After 3 days of no bath, dipping in this Hot Spring is really nice ! It feels refreshing and i don't even feel like coming out from the nice Hot Spring .. haha ! So remember to bring extra cloths if you wish to dip in the Hot Spring here and also something to cover yourself when you change your cloths here, well, this is a waterfall after all, there is no place or even a tent for you to change your cloths. After a nice bath i would call it .. we have to continue our hike down Mount Rinjani to our next camp site before sun down .. !

We have to walk around the lake, following small path around it which is kinda dangerous when comes to think about it, we might slip and fall into the lake as the stone by the side is wet and that makes our hiking shoes grip lose.

After going around the lake, we have to hike up and up and up .. continuously going up hill .. ! Which is really tiring .. with this being the third day of hiking, it is really hard to keep up the strong stamina and the fast-hiking-speed.

Our camp site for tonight is like on top of a mountain which is hard for us to hike up. We were there just in time for sunset and the view were awesome .. !

It has been another crazy tough hiking day, though the route may not be as tough as hiking up the Peak of Mount Rinjani but getting here from the Peak of Mount Rinjani is not easy too, haha ! I am always thankful that our porter always reach our camp site first to reserve us a good spot to set up our camp and give us a good place to rest for the night.

Dinner were served right after sunset. I can't even see what i was eating actually, there is no light and it was pitch black dark in the tent as it is really cold outside with wind blowing, i did not step out of my tent after dark. I stay in there after dinner until i fall asleep .. !!

Visited : July 2017

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Posted Date : 8 September 2017

Posted Time : 1.17 am