Monopoly Social Exchange Lounge @ Automall, Karpal Singh Drive

By : Chha

I feel that there are so many hidden restaurant and cafe here in Karpal Singh Drive and there are many more quietly operating here in Automall, Karpal Singh Drive.

I really like how Monopoly Social Exchange Lounge is being set up. They have private room for you to have your private party. Some tables by the side even have special curtains to isolate those tables from the crowd making it more private. The place also looks very classy. At first i thought this is a 5 stars restaurant with a 5 stars-sky-high-price type of food. Well, surprisingly, the place does look like a 5 stars restaurant with really good service and reasonably priced food.

It is not only the place is well design and properly organize but the food is also well presented.

Eisbein Mit Sauerkrout 1/2 RM 33.90
(Sauerkraut with mashed potato)

Ordering this makes me feels like going German all over again, haha ! Isn't Eisbein Mit Sauerkraut a German words ? haha ! It is Pork Knuckle .. The outer layer of the Pork Knuckle is a bit hard, especially the skin part, it makes me chew so hard that my jaw become sore, haha ! The side of the Pork Knuckle is really big, i think, it is enough for 3 person.

Salted Egg with Fried Fish RM 29.90
(Salted egg, cream, deep fried barramudi fillet)

This is good, the spaghetti is covered with creamy salty eggs and it taste like Carbonara Spaghetti but with much stronger taste of Salted Egg, its nice !

Mushroom Soup RM 10.90
(Mushroom, cream, chopped parsley, serve with garlic bread)

Mushroom Soup ! Always my favorite .. i can actually taste the small slice of mushroom inside the soup.

Miss You RM 19.90
(Handmade kiwi cube with soda water)

Kiwi + Soda Water, this is something new for me to try ! haha .. and i like it very much .. the Kiwi is made into ice cube and i just need to pour out the soda into the cup. Once the Kiwi Ice Cube start to melt, i can taste the Kiwi all over the soda, haha !

Rating :
Food : 8/10
Environment : 9/10
Service : 9/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 6/10

Operating Hour :
11.00 am - 3.00 am

Address :
29c-02-10 / 11,
Maritime Piazza,
Persiaran Karpal Singh 2,
11600 Penang.

Telephone :
012 - 6985138

Facebook :

GPS Coordinate :
5.398274, 100.329215

Map :

Posted Date : 16 November 2017
Posted Time : 3.32 pm