Little Street Cafe @ Jalan Irrawaddy, Penang

By : Chha

Well i don't do this usually but i was running really late today. It seems like the entire world is waiting for me .. ! Therefore i requested a friend to help me take photos of the food here at Little Street Cafe .. haha ! Well, you can say that this is the 1st post that the photos are not taken by me .. There is always the first time right ? Of course all credit goes to Pei Yee for the awesome photos which enable me to write this post .. without photos, it would not have been possible for a post here .. !

Busy busy busy .. it has been a really busy day, that is why i was late for my dinner plan tonight .. The moment i saw this white hug-able bear at Little Street Cafe, i just wish i can jump and hug it so tight and tell myself that life will be just fine ! Suck it up and move on !! Ok, before i stray any further, lets go back to our main topic for today .. my simple, short and sweet review of Little Street Cafe which is located at Jalan Irrawaddy, Penang !

Little Street Cafe is a really small cafe which can fit approximately around 30 people only. With simple decoration, comfortable environment and variety of food to choose from. Thought their service is a little bit slow but i don't mind to wait a bit longer in a comfortable environment like in Little Street Cafe.

Little Street Cafe offer a Semi Buffet daily with price from RM 10.00 and RM 18.00 depending on what you order. This is how the Semi Buffet work, One main course from the menu is limited to a FREE one person Semi Buffet which worth RM 12.00. The Semi Buffet is free for kids below 12 years old. So meaning if you order a main course then you are entitle for a free flow of Drinks, Soup and Salad.

Well, i did not try all their food here, there are too many but i heard that their Chicken Chop is the best, probably i'll try that on my next visit to Little Street Cafe again. What i did try is their Chef's Special Pasta with mushrooms, onion and Sambal. Hold on a minute, Pasta with Sambal ?? haha ! As the usual crazy me who like to try new things, this sounds like a new thing to try, haha ! Surprisingly pasta and sambal does mix well together. I like it .. ! The pasta is spicy but still not too spicy for me, which makes it taste good. The chicken is soft and the tomatoes are juicy, though the pasta as a whole is a little bit dry but the taste for each ingredient they use are strongly featured .. ! A tasty plate of Pasta with Sambal.

Chef's Special Pasta with mushrooms, onion and Sambal
Mix Seafood RM 29.00
Salmon RM 27.00
Chicken RM 25.00
Plain (for Vegetarian) RM 18.00

Free Flow Kiwi Juice and Mushroom Soup

The drinks and soup here is not bad too. The mushroom soup is not the creamy type and have more carrot in it while the drinks that i took are actually in form of concentrated kiwi juice which i need to add water by myself. This is something special and good so that i can control the level of sweetness in the drinks. Luckily a friend stop me before i fill up my entire cup with concentrated kiwi juice or else i will be having hard time finishing it, haha ! I personally feel that the price here is a little bit high, the total spending for the night is around RM 600 plus for a total of 22 person .. which i would estimate a round up of around RM 30.00 per person. Overall, Little Street Cafe is a nice place to dine in, with comfortable environment, tasty food, simple free flow of soup and drinks, i do see myself coming back here again for more food, haha !

Rating :
Food : 7/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 8/10
Price : 5/10

Operating Hour :
Close on Every Wednesday
Except Public Holiday

Monday - Friday
12.00 pm - 4.00 pm
6.00 pm - 11.00 pm

Saturday and Sunday
12.00 pm - 11.00 pm

Address :
Little Street Cafe,
16,Jalan Irrawaddy,
10500 Penang.

Telephone :

012 - 5931500

Facebook :
Little Street Cafe | Penang

GPS Coordinate :
5.425621, 100.321614

Map :

Posted Date : 16 December 2017
Posted Time : 8.52 am