Super Tanker Food Center @ Taman Lip Sin, Penang

By : Chha

You might probably read about my blog post about Super Tanker Food Center and some of the food that i have tried there. Well, in Super Tanker Food Center there is many different types of food available actually, for example like the Chicken Rice and Apom, but that is not only it. There are more .. !

Chicken Rice

Fried Hor Fun


Some food here is tasty and cheap. It is a place worth bookmarking and can come back here few times to try out all their hawker food. Different stalls will be operating at different time, so if you are interested on a particular food from particular stalls, then you might need to check out their operating time. Some start business during Lunch time, so during Dinner time ..

GPS Coordinate :
5.343048, 100.295560

Map :

Posted Date : 20 December 2017
Posted Time : 2.26 pm