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By : Chha (A-0950)

Many people ask me what is so special about Khao Yai that so many people are interested to go there for a visit ? Well, there are many, some of them are places like PB Valley Khao Yai Winery - The Bloom Khao Yai - Pak Chong Night BazaarLake View Camp Site - The Great Hornbill Grill Restaurant and many more. You want food, sight seeing or even night bazaar, they have it all there in Khao Yai. But there is one thing in particular that interest me, which is the Sunflower !

Khao Yai Thailand

This is the first time i actually see field of Sunflower, we don't have this back home .. ! I went nuts over it when i saw this at Khao Yai, haha !

Getting To Khao Yai :

Distance from Bangkok to Khao Yai is 3 hours drive, so there is no way you are going to walk or run there, haha ! There is two ways you can get to Khao Yai.

Option 1 :

You can get minivans service at the Mo Chit Bus Station (Southern Bus Terminal) Bangkok to Pak Chong, Khao Yai. These minivans used to operate from Victory monument to Pak Chong but the operating company moved to Mo Chit Bus Station as of October 2016. Here is how to get to Mo Chit Bus Station :
  • Take BTS to Mo Chit BTS Station, Exit 3.
  • Once you exit the BTS Station you will see a bus stop by the road side.
  • Wait for bus no 77 to get to the Mo Chit (North) Bus Station.
  • This bus no 77 will bring you directly to Mo Chit (North) Bus Station and it cost 9 baht per person.
  • Pay for tickets when you are on the bus.
  • At Mo Chit (North) Bus Station, you can look for minivan to go to Khao Yai.
Option 2 :

Drive by yourself or hire a driver for Khao Yai trip. I highly recommend this option because getting public transport at Khao Yai is very hard or should i say i don't see any public transport at all during my visit. One place of interest to another place of interest at Khao Yai is far apart from each other so it is really advisable if you have your own transport there or you hire a driver to drive you around. Taking a one day or two days trip tour to Khao Yai is a good idea too. So if you are into driving by yourself to get more freedom on your itinerary and your own sweet time in traveling, there is this company for renting a car which i highly recommend.  Thai Rent A Car you can view my other post for their location.

The reason why i highly recommend that you drive here yourself is because getting public transport in Khao Yai is really a hard thing. There are some hotel in Khao Yai that help with Car or Motorbike rental but the number of Car and Motorbike for rent is limited. During my visit, they were all fully booked and the hotel owner actually advice me to rent it from other town outside of Khao Yai and drive there by myself.

Khao Yai is a big place and there is no way you can walk like how i used to do when visiting other country, haha ! Sometimes the distance from one attraction to another is around 4 to 5 km maybe more depending where you wish to visit.

The Sunflower here does not just grow everywhere, it is not like you can see sunflower where ever you go in Khao Yai. As you travel around Khao Yai you can notice that there are some place with small garden of sunflower but you need to know how and where to search if you would like to see field of sunflowers like mine.

GPS Coordinate :
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Map :
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Tickets :
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Best Time To Visit :
November - January ( My Visit : End Of December )

Well, the sunflower field that i went is an enclosed paid area but this place is huge !! It is way much larger than those i seen along the way in Khao Yai, there are some smaller garden by the road side which i don't see anyone is collecting tickets payment for entry but some of those are private garden.

The size of the sun flower is as big as my palm and fingers wide open ! That is how big the sun flower here is and the height of the entire plant is around 5'7" ( 170 cm ).

Visited : December 2016

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Posted Date : 9 February 2018
Posted Time : 7.00 pm