Originally Bangkok Tomyam @ Bandar Sunway Tunas, Penang

By : Chha (A-1346)

Recently been introduced to this restaurant here in Bandar Sunway Tunas, heard some pretty good review and recommendation about it. Just few days ago finally get the opportunity to come Originally Bangkok Tomyam Restaurant to try out their food.

Originally Bangkok Tomyam

First impression, why the waiter there so blur ? haha ! we made early reservation before coming over but instead of writing our name on the booking list they wrote phone number and the word "Penang", haha ! It makes us all blur too, looking for familiar name from the list, haha .. !! Ok, anyway, their service was good and fast. All their dish were served in around 15 to 20 minutes time .. we don't have to wait long even though we come in one big group of around 30 people.

I really have no idea what this dish is but i know the other one is vegetables, haha ! i like the vegetables and that is also the fastest to finish once serve. I feel that the vegetables is a bit salty but it is still acceptable for me.

Tomyam ! Seafood tomyam with lots of prawn and it taste good .. i like it .. !

Fish is average, the meat is soft but the soup is spicy, i keep sweating while eating this, haha ! But it is so satisfying though .. !

I love this egg, there are some ingredient wrap inside the egg but i can't figure out what it is inside. It taste lovely !

Deep Fried Squid is crunchy and it goes well with the sauce that comes with it, i like this plate of Deep Fried Squid too. Overall i feel that the food here is tasty but is just that some of it are a little salty and the drinks that we order which are the Lemon Juice and Lychee Drinks are a little sweet. I would be great if they can tune down their usage of sugar and salt, then their food would be just perfect ! Service is good and environment is great too .. i like it when they offer to turn on the music for us to enjoy while eating, haha ! Food and Music in air condition room is just awesome ! The food here is HALAL .. !

Rating :
Food : 8/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 7/10
Price : 6/10

Operating Hour :
12.00 pm - 1.00 am

Address :
85, Persiaran Mahsuri 1/3,
Sunway Tunas,
11900 Bayan Lepas,

Telephone :
04 - 6442205
014 - 7425070 (Rafiq)

GPS Coordinate :
5.322028, 100.278563

Map :

Posted Date : 9 February 2018
Posted Time : 9.00 pm