Dr. Morita Facial Mask | Whitening Essence & Hyaluronic Acid Essence Facial Mask

By : Relyen & Josephine

Well, this is definitely the first beauty product that appear here in this blog but it probably won't be the last, haha ! So, stay tune for more info on beauty and skin care tips, haha !

It was just recently that Dr. Jou, who was in town to conduct a 1 day workshop entitled 'A Dr. Morita facial mask a day, keeps your ageing away' is a firm believer that the key to looking youthful way past your prime is to begin with any 'youth-preserving efforts', even before your skin starts getting destructed by daily stresses.

At the workshop participants where given a details insight on ways how Dr Morita Facial Mask are able to help us keep our skin looking good and young, haha ! While the basic skincare regime of cleanse-tone-moisturize is vital to maintain a healthy skin, it is not sufficient to protect and preserve it from the unforgiving elements of time. This fight against time is further exacerbated by our modern-day diet, lifestyle and polluted environment.  Therefore, we need to supply the skin with nourishing essences to keep it well moisturized to facilitate the rejuvenating and healing process at the end of each day.

During the workshop we were given a Skin Hydration Test where Skin Hydration reading were taken before applying Dr Morita Facial Mask and after applying them.

The result is a 21 % increment in Skin Hydration for only after approximately around 10 minutes of applying Dr Morita Facial Mask. Well, the result varies depending on person and skin type but imagine doing this, for like, everyday .. !

Dr Morita Facial Mask is the No.1 Best Selling facial mask in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and China. Dr. Morita specializes in facial masks using medical-grade natural ingredients to pamper and nourish your skin. This brand has been around for more than 83 years and is known as one of the pioneers in facial masks.

Especially to ladies, if you want to look like you are in your twenties even when you are in your late thirties, you had better start your youth preservation today. Well, that was the beauty tip given by the extremely youthful looking PhD Chunhsu Jou who is a CEO of Dr. Jou Biotech Co Ltd and is responsible for developing Dr Morita the Taiwan’s top selling facial sheet mask brand.

After the workshop we are so eager to try on Dr Morita Facial Mask. The Hyaluronic Acid Essence Facial Mask is super hydrating effect with a combination of hyaluronic acid, cucumber and algae extracts that provides long lasting hydration effect on the skin and with extra essence and serum added too. There are 10 pieces of masks in one box.

Whitening Essence Facial Mask is a Hydrolysis HA facial mask also known as small molecules of HA which can easily penetrate into skin to lock water magnet, the latest long-lasting moisturizing ingredients, like a magnet, it can be firmly bonded to the skin surface for excellent water retention. These are just two out of many product from Dr Morita that we tried on. There are also other products like the 3D Hydration Facial Mask, Tranexamic Acid Whitening Mask, Intense Hydrating Serum Facial  Mask and many more.

It is understandable that many people are concern about the product they use when it comes to skin care, Dr. Morita has a stellar track record in the region for its quality, safety and affordability. Dr. Morita complete range of products are now available at Aeon, Caring, Guardian, Sasa and Watsons nationwide.

How To Apply :
  1. Cleanse face using Dr. Morita facial cleanser.
  2. Apply Dr. Morita face mask.
  3. Remove the mask and simply massage any remaining essence into the skin.
  4. Apply Dr. Morita moisturizing cream for a hydrated, plump, and translucent skin.
Comment :

We personally prefer the Hyaluronic Acid Essence Facial Mask as it is able to hydrate our skin and it does not make our face feel oily like how some other brand of facial mask does.

For more information :

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Posted Date : 23 March 2018
Posted Time : 4.10 pm