The 40th Annual Round the Island Relay 2017 @ Penang Island, Malaysia

By : Chha

Getting 12 runners to run together in a Relay Run is not an easy task for me. I even have trouble getting 3 people to run together with me, haha ! Well, my friends cycle, not many people love running, anyway .. ! It was only like a week before i fly off to Cambodia for my year end trip, i get news from my friend saying that they need runners for the 40th Annual Round the Island Relay, well, me as usual, straight away say YES, haha ! The 40th Annual Round the Island Relay run was held on 31st December 2017, it was when i thought Penang Bridge Run is my last run for the year, i stop training and start to get my holiday mood on but then suddenly, i am in the Relay Run, haha ! Long story short, it is hard to make a runner stop running.

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Ok now, here is the thing, the Round Island Relay run consist of 12 people per group and each runner starting point will be at different location. The route is to complete running round Penang Island. The run flag off at 4.00 am. Since i am runner number 11, mine start at around 9.00 am, well depending on how fast your team mate run. By the time the baton reach me, the sun is already high up and it is kinda hot running at this hour in Penang, plus the traffic is already building up. There is Rela on bike escorting me and also my team mate on bicycle following me throughout my 6.51 km run.

With this being my first experience participating in Round the Island Relay, i would say that it was really fun, though there are not much activity being done by the organizer like how other marathon event did. I think maybe they can improve on that. If you ask me, will i join this again next year ? Well, definitely a YES, provided i can find another 11 person to run with me, hahaha !

Posted Date : 12 April 2018
Posted Time : 5.26 pm