R & R Tapah | South Bound @ North South Expressway (NSE), Malaysia

By : Chha

When ever i am traveling along the North South Expressway of Malaysia, especially when i am going down to Kuala Lumpur from North. I will always make a stop at Tapah Rest Area. To get refresh and fill my tummy with food. Recently i saw this truck selling Putu Bambu so i decided to try it out.

One box of Putu Bambu like this cost RM 4.00 and i like the taste of it. I would advice you to eat it while it is still hot, because it is not that nice when it is cold.

There are some grated coconut on top of it and they also put some brown sugar onto it. It has its sweetness from the brown sugar which is just good enough to give some taste to the Putu Bambu. I like it ..

Other than the Putu Bambu the stall inside Tapah Rest Area also sell many different types of food.

A few minutes stop at Tapah to fill up my tummy is really important for me, haha ! Especially after many hours of driving.

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Posted Date : 04 May 2018
Posted Time : 12.52 pm