Famous Char Hor Fun @ Chai Leng Park, Seberang Jaya

By : Chha

I don't really know what is the name for this hawker stall that i am writing. Everything is written in Chinese, haha ! but no worry, i will tell you how you can find this stall. I was not aware about this stall here in Chai Leng Park until recently i was there looking for food and i notice that there are a lot of people ordering food, waiting for food and eating at this stall .. Wai Sek Kai street is always full with people at night but this particular stall has a bigger crowd, haha !

Stir-fried Tai Lok Mee

Yut Kwong Hor

Food serving here is fast but the outlook of the food does not look that good, haha ! The food here is nice but their serving portion is small, one plate is only enough for one person.

Lai Chi Kang RM 4.00

There is another stall beside this that sell Lai Chi Kang so that you can quench your thirst while waiting for your food to be serve. Total spending for all 3 items, RM 15.00. Ok, so now how to find this stall ..

Getting There :
GPS Coordinate :
5.386637, 100.391267

Map :

Posted Date : 12 June 2018
Posted Time : 10.33 am