Kwong Sin Restaurant @ Bentong, Pahang

By : Chha

I am not sure if i went to the correct Kwong Sin Restaurant but when i google about it, there seems to be two shops with the same signboard, almost the same name and both are selling the same food. One is Kwong Sin and the other is Kwong Sen, which is which ? Either one is said to be a really famous Chicken Rice Shop in Bentong .. hmm, i am confuse, anyway .. the one i went too is Kwong Sin Restaurant which is located somewhere along Ah Peng Street.

I order a mix of Pork, Duck and Chicken. The pork skin is really hard, i can't even chew on it but the meat is good. The duck and chicken is average. But their serving portion is really big.

I feel that food here is just average, the drinks is average and the rice is average. It cost me RM 18.00 for two place of rice with Pork, Chicken and Duck and two glass of drinks.

Rating :
Food : 5/10
Environment : 5/10
Service : 8/10
Hygiene : 7/10
Price : 6/10

Operating Hour :
11.00 am - 7.00 pm

Address :
21, Jalan Ah Peng,
28700 Bentong,

GPS Coordinate :
3.524705, 101.907049

Map :

Posted Date : 21 July 2018
Posted Time : 10.42 am