Kedai Kopi Mataram @ Yogyakarta, Indonesia‎

By : Chha

Located in between rows of shop lots, Mataram Coffee Shop or better known as Kedai Kopi Mataram by the locals there in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is rated 4.5 Stars by 106 Reviews (Result As On 10 January 2015) on TripAdvisor (Kedai Kopi Mataram).

Kedai Kopi Mataram is a nice cafe to visit, the food are nice and the environment in the cafe is good. The cafe is situated in a very busy surrounding with lots of vehicles and people passing by the street of Mataram. This makes the cafe a good place to sit down rest and relax but the only bad thing for piglets is this cafe does not have air conditioning, they only use fan. This is the one thing that piglets don't understand, it is not only Mataram Cafe does not use air conditioner but all the cafe that we visited does not use air conditioner, maybe air conditioning is not popular there in Indonesia.

Wifi service available

illy available

Food : 7/10
Environment : 8/10
Service : 8/10

Kedai Kopi Mataram
Jalan Mataram No.55B,
Kota Yogyakarta,
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55213,

-7.792912, 110.367470


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Posted Date : 10 January 2015
Posted Time : 11.24 pm